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Generating ECC200 in Java Wrapping big packages without bows

} else { System.err.println("OrderRequest must be a MapMessage type!"); } } public void ejbRemove() {} }
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An important feature of modern cell phones is their ability to take pictures or video using a built-in camera. Some phones even support using the camera s microphone to capture audio. Android, of course, supports all three features and provides a variety of ways to interact with the camera. In this section, we re going to look at how to interact with the camera and take photographs. In the next section, you ll use the camera to take video and save it to an SD card. You ll be creating a new project called SimpleCamera to demonstrate how to connect to a phone s camera to capture images. For this project, we ll be using the Camera class ( to tie the emulator s (or phone s) camera to a View. Most of the code that we ve created for this project deals with showing the input from the camera, but the main work for taking a picture is done by a single method called take-Picture(Camera. ShutterCallback shutter, Camera.PictureCallback raw, Camera.PictureCallback jpeg), which has three callbacks that allow you to control how a picture is taken. Before we get any further into the Camera class and how to use the camera, let s create the project. We ll be creating two classes; because the main class is long, we ll break it into two sections. For the first section, look at the following listing, The Android emulator doesn t allow you to connect to camera devices, such as a webcam, on your computer; all your pictures will display a chessboard like the one shown in figure 10.4. You can connect to a web camera and get live images and video, but it requires some hacking. An excellent example on how to do this can be found at Tom Gibara s website, where he has an open source project for obtaining live images from a webcam: http:// It s possible that in later versions of the SDK, the emulator will support connections to cameras on the hardware the emulator is running on.
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var myString = Console.ReadLine(); var modifiedString = myString.Replace("color", "colour");
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Monitoring events and actions
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Remove the ValueToCompare attribute and change the Operator attribute from GreaterThan to DataTypeCheck. Because the Type attribute is Integer, the control will report any integer value as valid. Use the following code to replace that for the CompareValidator you added in the last section:
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As we ve seen with security and transactions, often we have business logic that is not a part of our core concerns. Quite the opposite; applications are likely to have rules that need to be universal across modules or EJBs, and baking this logic into our implementation mixes concerns and makes for an unmaintainable system over time. Much like Servlet Filters or AOP aspects, the EJB Interceptor model provides a mechanism for application developers to apply logic to incoming requests. The @Interceptors annotation quickly acts as a mapping marker for the EJB container to know to apply a particular interceptor for a given invocation. Our example represents a television server which is capable of returning channel streams when a channel number is requested by the client. We apply a custom security policy whereby Channel 2 may be closed by an administrator; if a client requests Channel 2 while access is disallowed, the invocation will return a Channel2ClosedException . All of this logic is separated from the core code to return the channel requested, and therefore may be applied to other modules or unplugged from the system without need to alter the existing application in any way.
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Table 4.2 summarizes some common message selector types.
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conversation to a long-running conversation. The conversation context is held by Seam until a method with an @End annotation is called. The doSearch() method returns the string found, or null. This outcome is evaluated by JSF, and the navigation rules from faces-config.xml apply. If the outcome is null, the search.xhtml page is rendered with the Item not found error message. If the outcome is found, the navigation rules declare that the edit.xhtml page is rendered. During rendering of the edit.xhtml page, the variable itemEditor must be resolved again by JSF. Seam finds the itemEditor context variable in the conversation context, and JSF binds values of widgets on the page (text output, text input) to the properties of the item instance returned by itemEditor.getItem().
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World Wide Web ObtainQuote Tutorial Application QuoteService HTTP
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The Generic Detail Form
protected void buildDAO() throws EJBException { try{ javax.naming.Context jndiCtx = new javax.naming.InitialContext(); javax.sql.DataSource ds = (javax.sql.DataSource) jndiCtx.lookup("java:comp/env/jdbc/CustomerDB"); gDAO = new GenericDAO(ds); } catch (Exception e) { throw new EJBException(e); } } public void ejbRemove() { } // restore Data Access Object when activated public void ejbActivate() { buildDAO(); } public void ejbPassivate() { }
All subsequent code examples in this chapter make use of a simple yet powerful framework to deal with Session or EntityManager. It also transparently opens and closes transactions. This framework shields the example codes from plumbing code and makes them more readable. This framework wraps every public method around an invocation interceptor (SessionInvocationHandler). Before the public method is executed, a Session or EntityManager is opened, and a transaction is started. The Session or EntityManager is stored in a thread local variable (and available to the public method). The public method is executed. After the method execution, the transaction is committed (or rolled back if something goes wrong), and the Session or EntityManager is closed. This logic is described in listing 6.4.
Variable Lifting
ObtainQuoteMIDlet starts off looking something like the code in listing 5.1.
Inheritance strategy
an EJB container either replaces (EJB 2.1, entity beans with CMP) or implements (EJB 3.0, Java Persistence entities) the persistence aspect. Hibernate persistent classes and the EJB 3.0 entity programming model offer transparent persistence. Hibernate and Java Persistence also provide automatic persistence. Let s explore both terms in more detail and find an accurate definition.
The table view controller
12.6 Summary
Figure 8.1 Always code as if the person who will maintain your code is a violent psychopath who knows where you live (picture courtesy of
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