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Integrating DataMatrix in Java Solution: Do not inherit a persistence architecture choose it

Now that you have reached the half-way mark of this book, it may be helpful to stand back for a minute and see where you are. The previous three chapters have been reference chapters for the major web part controls within the portal framework. Each of those three chapters was written to provide a solid understanding of the major building blocks used when developing portal applications. To re-cap a bit, we first learned about the WebPart control and saw that it provides a way to display data that users can personalize to suit their own preferences. We also saw that users can move web parts around at runtime within the regions of the page known as zones. After learning about web parts we saw how to use web part connections to extend the usefulness of web parts by allowing them to interoperate with other web parts on the page. And then, in the previous chapter dealing with the WebPartManager control we gained insights into how the WebPartManager control orchestrates the inner workings of the portal. We saw that the WebPartManager control scrutinizes nearly all events and provides the events that supply the portal framework with its lifecycle. Such events include controlling when personalization data is gathered up and sent off for storage. In this chapter the fourth and last of the web part control reference chapters we will explore the topic of zones. As we hike through the chapter we ll gain an 127
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} Samples.Cat.registerClass('Samples.Cat', Samples.Pet);
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Listing 6.3 A very powerful row handler
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string s2 = s1; Console.WriteLine("s1: {0} s2: {1}", s1, s2); Console.WriteLine("s1 == s2 {0}", s1 == s2); Console.WriteLine("ReferenceEquals(s1,s2): {0}", ReferenceEquals(s1, s2)); Console.WriteLine(" \nstring s2 = string.Copy( s1 ); "); string s3 = string.Copy(s1); Console.WriteLine("s1: {0} s3: {1}", s1, s3); Console.WriteLine("s1 == s3 {0}", s1 == s3); Console.WriteLine("ReferenceEquals(s1,s3): {0}", ReferenceEquals(s1, s3)); Console.WriteLine(" \ns2 = \"Hello\"; "); s1 = "Hello"; Console.WriteLine("s1: {0} s2: {1}", s1, s2); Console.WriteLine("s1 == s2 {0}", s1 == s2); Console.WriteLine("ReferenceEquals(s1,s2): {0}", ReferenceEquals(s1, s2)); } static void Main( ) { Tester t = new Tester( ); t.Run( ); } } }
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The barcodes example contains code samples for every type of barcode. The barcodes are added to the document as an Image that is created with the createImageWithBarcode() method. As an alternative, you can write the barcode directly to a PdfContentByte object with placeBarcode(), or create a PdfTemplate with createTemplateWithBarcode(). These methods take three parameters:
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Introducing data
Write basic persistent class mappings. Create mappings for common associations. Express collections and components in a mapping file.
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