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Querying with Hibernate Search
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[[SKPaymentQueue defaultQueue] addTransactionObserver:self];1 products = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init];
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1. After the course in Example 10-2 has been set up, changes can still be made to the structure during the first two weeks. Suppose that the lab component of the final exam is to be canceled and the weight distributed proportionately among the other components. Thus, the first lab will get 2/15 extra weight. Write a Visitor to perform this operation and alter the weights. Then, call the Print and Summarize visitors again to show the new situation. 2. Take the dynamic dispatch program in Example 10-3 and embellish it with print statements that show the steps taken through the program as a Visitor is activated. 3. In Example 10-1, add some data fields to the structure and invent some visitor behavior that can alter their values. 4. Redo Example 10-2 using double-dispatch.
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Choose one of 4 images Image img = new Image() ; based on result of random number img.ImageUrl = string.Format("~/images/{0}.gif", todaysWeather.ToString()) ; img.AlternateText = "Today's weather";
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8: Errors, Exceptions, and Bugs, Oh My! |
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <configuration> <system.webServer> <fastCgi>
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Dim bookBag = From bk In Library _ Select bk.AuthorID, bk.Title ShowResults(bookBag) ' Results --> LT War and Peace ' LT Anna Karenina ' LW Ben-Hur ' JB Peter Pan
This code declares processResult within the For...Next block. So, it s available only for use inside that block; any attempted use of processResult outside the For block generates an immediate error. The lifetime of a procedure-level variable begins when the code first enters that procedure, and ends when the code exits the procedure. This is true for both procedurelevel and block-level variables. This means that if you assign a block-level variable some value before exiting the block, it will still have that value if you reenter that block during the same procedure call. For fields (class-level variables), the scope depends on the access level used when declaring the variable. The lifetime of a field begins when the class instance is created in code, and ends when the instance is destroyed or goes completely out of use.
Converts Boolean to string private String booleanToYesNo(Boolean b) { if (b == null) { throw new IllegalArgumentException ( "Could not convert null to a boolean value. " + "Valid arguments are 'true' and 'false'."); } else if (b.booleanValue()) { return YES; } else { return NO; } }
To add items to your list, click on the Smart Tag, and then on Edit Items to open the ListItem Collection Editor, shown in Figure 2-15. The list is empty when you start, so click the Add button to insert an item. As soon as you add an item, you ll see some familiar-looking properties in the box on the right. Click in the Text field and type Biking. Notice that you can set the Text and Value properties separately if you choose. If you don t, the Wizard defaults to the same name for both. You can also set the Selected property to True (causing that item to show as checked). For this
Count Clear( ) Contains( ) CopyTo( ) GetEnumerator( ) Peek( ) Pop( ) Push( ) ToArray( )
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