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The adapters and default channels we use here were preconfigured with the BlazeDS distribution. It s possible to configure additional adapters and modify the default channels. The piece we add to this configuration file is the one that defines the destination. That configuration maps a logical name (handle) to the class, identified by the fully qualified class name, which holds the collection of persons. In Flex, the logical name will be referenced from within RemoteObject to invoke methods on this class. If you are familiar with any distributed computing technology like web services, EJB, COM, CORBA, or any other RPC-supporting technology, you will find this extremely familiar in approach and style. A destination allows many more property settings beyond the essential source property determination. One of these is the scope property, which takes three valid values: Application, Session, and Request. Application-scoped remote objects get bound to the ServletContext and are available to the entire web application. Session-scoped objects are bound to a FlexSession instance, which abstracts the session of the current conversation. Request-scoped objects are instantiated on each invocation. Other properties
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dangerous on production systems but it is occasionally convenient when testing.
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Let s look at an example of working with AME. First we need a video file. You can use any video file you have in your library, or download free footage from sites like http://stockfootageforfree.com. Once you have the raw video file, open AME, which you ll find at:
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In this chapter, you ll add logic to verify that each of the order items is in stock. To do that, you ll iterate through each of the order items in the same way as you did in the previous chapter. If an item is out of stock, you ll throw an exception, which will be caught by your workflow.
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Microsoft Office
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Listing 5-20. The Pointcut for the findTimesheet Method
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There are certainly circumstances where you might only want to target specific VM instances, or perhaps only BootCamp computers. For instance, both Parallels and VMware have options to redirect a User s home profile to local folders on the OS X file system. This is similar to a basic redirection deployed GPO, but instead of pointing a user s folders to a network share, you point them to the filesystem on the host OS. This way, when you go to My Desktop on your Windows guest OS, you see the exact same items as you would when you go to your OS X Desktop folder. However, if you deploy GPO s by redirecting a user s My Desktop or My Documents folder to their network profile, those GPO s will conflict with the VM software s redirection, causing unpredictable results. The goal in this scenario would be to terminate redirections specifically on OS X virtual machine instances. However, Document redirection is a User policy, so computer objects do not have dominion to manage (or prevent) them. Luckily, Active Directory provides a function called User Group policy loopback. When linked to an OU, User Policy application can be directly affected by User Policy GPO s applied to an OU containing computer records. Normally, only the user s Group Policy objects determine which user settings apply. However, if User Group policy loopback is enabled, when a user logs on to this computer, the computer s Policy objects determine which set of User Policy objects are applied. This will effectively allow you to block the inheritance of user folder redirection policies through the use of computer OUs (see Figure 9-28).
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Managing an Object s Lifetime
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'T list -> 'T list
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ExecuteScalar: This executes the query and returns the first column of the first row of the result set. This is very useful for queries that use SQL COUNT or SUM, or other
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