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' Create dataset Dim ds As DataSet = New DataSet()
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Let s look at the design of the abstract syntax type Scene from Listing 9-1. The type Scene uses fewer kinds of nodes than the concrete XML representation: the concrete XML has node kinds Circle, Square, Composite, and Ellipse, whereas Scene has just three (Rect, Ellipse, and Composite), with two derived constructors Circle and Square, defined as static members of the Scene: static member Circle(center:PointF,radius) = Ellipse(RectangleF(center.X-radius,center.Y-radius, radius*2.0f,radius*2.0f)) /// A derived constructor static member Square(left,top,side) = Rect(RectangleF(left,top,side,side)) This is a common step when abstracting from a concrete syntax; details are dropped and unified to make the abstract representation simpler and more general. Extra functions are then added that compute specific instances of the abstract representation. This approach has pros and cons: Transformational and analytical manipulations are almost always easier to program if you have fewer constructs in your abstract syntax representation. You must be careful not to eliminate truly valuable information from an abstract representation. For some applications, it may really matter if the user specified a Square or a Rectangle in the original input; for example, an editor for this data may provide different options for editing these objects.
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Navigation Framework
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MessageBox.Show(str, "Database Exception") Catch ex As System.Exception Dim str As String = "Source: " & ex.Source str &= ControlChars.NewLine str &= "Exception Message: " & ex.Message MessageBox.Show(str, "General Exception") Finally If conn.State = ConnectionState.Open Then MessageBox.Show("Finally block closing the connection", "Finally") conn.Close() End If End Try
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Using the Transform shape within the BizTalk Orchestration Designer allows you to transform XML messages into the format of another specified XML schema. As an example, assume an orchestration message (Customer schema) requires transformation (mapping) in preparation for a publication to another line-of-business application. <Customer> <FirstName> </FirstName> <LastName> </LastName> <MiddleInit> </MiddleInit> <Age></Age> <Address> <AddrLine1> </AddrLine1> <AddrLine1> </AddrLine1> <AddrLine1> </AddrLine1> <Zip> </Zip> <State> </State> <Country></Country> </Address> </Customer> In this example, the outbound specification (CustomerRecord) has a different structure and form than that required by the line-of-business application. <CustomerRecord > <Name> </Name> <MiddleInit> </MiddleInit> <Address> </Address> <Zip> </Zip> <State> </State> <Country> </Country> <DateTime> </DateTime> </CustomerRecord> To use the Transform shape within the Orchestration Designer, follow these steps: 1. 2. Open the BizTalk project that contains the orchestration. Ensure that two orchestration messages have been created. The msgCustomers message should reference the Customer schema, and the msgCustomerRecords message should reference the CustomerRecord schema. Drag a Transform shape from the BizTalk Orchestrations section of the toolbox. Place the shape under the Receive shape on the design surface. This automatically creates a Construct Message container and a Transform shape. Click the exclamation mark (tool tip) on the Transform message shape within the Construct Message boundary. Click the missing or invalid mapping configuration value in the drop-down list. The Transform Configuration dialog box will appear. In the Enter Configuration Information Input section of the Transform Configuration dialog box, select the Existing Map radio button. (The New Map option allows you to configure the Construct shape by creating a new map.)
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Creating an Application That Publishes the EmployeeServer
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Accessing Windows Files
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<fx:Style> .errorTip { borderColor: #00FFCC} </fx:Style>
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re-create the collection on a different panel.
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Note Prior to Silverlight 4, in order for an element to support element binding it had to derive from the FrameworkElement class. This unfortunately left out a number of objects that would ideally support element binding. In Silverlight 4, any object that derives from the DependencyObject now supports element binding. This opens up many new binding opportunities in Silverlight directly through XAML, such as supporting transformations.
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Automating Administrative Tasks
Figure 19 7. List of trusted root CAs, with self-signed certificate highlighted 3. 4. Click on the Export button, then click the Next button. On the next screen, select No, do not export the private key (the default option) and click Next. On the next screen, choose the DER Encoded binary X.509 format (default option) and click Next. Finally, select the folder, name the file wp7cert (make sure to put it somewhere you can find it later!), click Next, and then click Finish. You should get a message notifying you that the export was successful.
Inserting into the Native Menu
Figure 4 12. Adding the MIME/SMIME decoder
{ String indexPath; public void init(PortletConfig config) throws PortletException { super.init(config); //get the location of the lucene index from the //indexPath initialization parameter indexPath = config.getInitParameter("indexPath"); if (indexPath == null) { //this portlet requires this parameter String errMsg = "The init parameter indexPath must be set."; throw new UnavailableException(errMsg); } //set Lucene lockdir because java.io.tmpdir may not exist in Pluto System.setProperty("org.apache.lucene.lockdir", indexPath); } public void doView(RenderRequest request, RenderResponse response) throws PortletException, IOException { response.setContentType("text/html"); Writer writer = response.getWriter(); PortletContext portletContext = getPortletContext(); PortletSession session = request.getPortletSession(); PortletRequestDispatcher prd = portletContext.getRequestDispatcher("/WEB-INF/jsp/SearchForm.jsp"); prd.include(request, response); String contentPath = request.getParameter("contentPath"); if (request.getParameter("query") != null) { request.setAttribute("indexPath", indexPath); PortletRequestDispatcher prd2 = portletContext.getRequestDispatcher(
Listing 5-12. Declaring a Transaction Manager Advice
Figure 5-6. Viewing the ContentPlaceHolder Add some ctitious account data on the AccountSummary.aspx content page (Figure 5-7) and some textboxes and a command button to the ContactUs.aspx content page (Figure 5-8).
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