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UniqueID PrimaryGroupID GeneratedUID NFSHomeDirectory RealName RecordName UserShell
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{ public MyException(): base() { } public MyException(String msg): base(msg) {} public MyException(SerializationInfo info, StreamingContext context): base(info, context) { } public override void GetObjectData(SerializationInfo info, StreamingContext context) { base.GetObjectData (info, context); } } If you want to transfer custom information with your exception, you have to add it to the SerializationInfo object on the call to GetObjectData() and to take it from this object in the secondary constructor. [Serializable] public class ConcurrencyException: ApplicationException { string _databaseTable; public ConcurrencyException(): base() { } public ConcurrencyException(String msg, String databaseTable): base(msg) { _databaseTable = databaseTable; } public ConcurrencyException(SerializationInfo info, StreamingContext context): base(info, context) { _databaseTable = info.GetString("table"); } public override void GetObjectData(SerializationInfo info, StreamingContext context) { base.GetObjectData (info, context); info.AddValue("table", _databaseTable); }
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Once SQL commands are requested all the results are processed in this implementation with the same handler called onSelectResult. Notice that each request had a unique name so you are able to match the request to the result and update the view as needed.
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Try It Out: Accessing Data Through a WCF Service
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Caution Make sure that the version number of your theme, theme engine, and Drupal installation match.
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Windows Phone 7 provides two types of Application Bar for use with phones apps: a global bar and a local bar. The global Application Bar must be defined in App.xaml, and it can be added to any page within the Windows Phone 7 application with a single line of XAML code. There are two ways to define a local Application Bar and add it to a particular application page: 1. 2. Using XAML Using Managed Code (i.e., C#)
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Setting up and establishing appropriate access for new users is the first and most important security step to take after installing Timbuktu. To set up a new user, click Define Users in the Setup menu of Timbuktu and click Add. From there, enter the name and password of the user you are adding. If the account is not connected to a directory service or set to use local OS X accounts, then set the Type menu to Timbuktu user. Enter a password, and then give the user the minimum permissions they need by checking the appropriate boxes for access (Figure 15 8). Unless you are using a modem to dial into the computer (which, in this day and age of high-speed Internet access, is highly unlikely), uncheck the Let user dial into your computer box, and click the Save button.
The major new additions to the server architecture are the ASP.NET AJAX server controls. There are a number of these, and they will be discussed in detail in 13. The major ones that you ll use in just about every application are the following: ScriptManager: This component is used to manage the scripts that will be downloaded to the client. There are a number of client script libraries available to ASP.NET developers, and when a ScriptManager is used, only the relevant ones are downloaded to the client. You ll need to use a ScriptManager in just about every Ajax application. UpdatePanel: This is used to visually design the part of the page that is used in a partial page update. Simply put, when you wrap an area of your page in an UpdatePanel, it will be automatically enabled for partial refreshes using Ajax. UpdateProgress: This provides status information for the progress of the download occurring in the UpdatePanel. Timer: The Timer performs postbacks at defined intervals. It can be used to trigger automatic updates (and therefore partial refreshes) to an area of the page that is wrapped with an UpdatePanel. Despite being extensions to a server-side technology, the ASP.NET AJAX extensions also provide an abundance of client-side functionality, including the following: Browser compatibility layer: If you look back to the Ajax examples in the previous chapter, you ll notice that at the Ajax declaration there are if...then scripts that handle instantiation of the XMLHttpRequest object on different browsers. The browser compatibility layer is designed to abstract this process if you code to the AJAX extensions JavaScript libraries, you do not need to worry about the underlying technologies that the browser supports. Core Services: These provide extensions to JavaScript that allow you to create more robust applications, supporting classes, namespaces, event handling, inheritance, and more. Base Class Library (BCL): The AJAX BCL includes components that are typically only available to developers of high-level languages, such as extended error handling. Networking: This layer handles communication with server-side services and applications, allowing, for example, web services to be called directly from the browser. You ll be looking into the client-side extensions of ASP.NET AJAX in 14.
Signed Assemblies
Understanding SQL Server Text and Binary Data Types
What s still missing is that magic something I mentioned that would sit between the client and your object (running maybe within the same process and application) and perform those checks. This is where ContextBoundObject enters the game.
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