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type. Enter the server address and username in the relevant fields. Click Check for Supported Types to find out what kind of authentication security, if any, your mail server uses. Following this, you should find the details are filled in automatically. Click Forward to continue.
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Using the Matrix Feature
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Table 4-1. Statistics for the Sample Table and Its Index
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msdb is another crucial database within SQL Server, as it provides the necessary information to run jobs to SQL Server Agent. SQL Server Agent is a Windows service in SQL Server that runs any scheduled jobs that you set up (e.g., jobs that contain backup processing). A job is a process defined in SQL Server that runs automatically without any manual intervention to start it. As with tempdb and model, you should not directly amend this database, and there is no real need to do so. Many other processes use msdb. For example, when you create a backup or perform a restore, msdb is used to store information about these tasks.
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Take the following steps to access the BAM portal: 1. Deploy BAM activities and views.
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Now, look at the first two lines of the function wordCount in Listing 2-1. These lines define the function wordCount and the local value words, both using the keyword let: let wordCount (text: string) = let words = ... let is the single most important keyword you use in F# programming: it s used to define data, computed values, functions, and procedures. The left of a let binding is often a simple identifier but can also be a pattern. (See the Using Tuples section for examples.) It can also be a function name followed by a list of argument names, as in the case of wordCount, which takes one argument: text. The right of a let binding (after the =) is an expression.
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Properties Window
This table will hold customer details, such as the customer s products and balances. To clarify and reiterate, there will be items currently within this table that will no longer reside within it once we normalize the data. For example, you will see an attribute for Account Numbers for Each Product. When we proceed through normalization, you will see how attributes such as this are moved. Customer Id (K): This is a unique ID for each customer. Financial Product Balance: This is the current balance of each product. Title: This is the customer s title (Mr., Ms., etc.). First Name: This is the customer s first name. Last Name: This is the customer s last name. Address: This is the customer s address. Account Numbers for Each Product: This is the account number of the each product the customer owns. Financial Products Details: This is the details of each financial product the customer owns.
Creating a Simple Type for Phone Numbers
As you can see, the names follow a convention, using Connection prefixed by an identifier for the data provider. Because all connection classes implement System.Data. IDbConnection, the use of each one is similar. Each has additional members that provide methods specific to a particular database. You used connections in 4. Let s take a closer look at one of them, SqlConnection, in the namespace System.Data.SqlClient.
Note On a technical level, the technique is known as compositing. What you see on the screen is first
Files and folders can have emblems assigned to them. These are smaller icons that are tagged on to the larger icons in both list view and icon view. Emblems are designed to give you quick clues about the nature of the file. To apply an emblem, right-click the file or folder, select Properties, and then click the Emblems tab. As shown in Figure 12-6, a range of icons is available; in fact, any file or folder can have several emblems applied at once. Simply put a check in the box beside the icons you wish to apply. Pick the ones that are meaningful to you. For example, a cvs-conflict emblem will probably be of interest only to programmers.
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