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CompanyName, don t allow null values, whereas the rest do, so you ll use just the CustomerID and CompanyName columns for inserting values. You ll also use arbitrary customer IDs to make it easy to find the rows you manipulate when viewing customers sorted by ID. 1. Open SQL Server Management Studio Express (SSMSE), and in the Connect to Server dialog box, select <ServerName>\SQLEXPRESS as the server name and then click Connect. 2. In Object Explorer, expand the Databases node, select the Northwind database, and click the New Query button. 3. Create a stored procedure named sp_Trans_Test using the code in Listing 8-1. Listing 8-1. sp_Trans_Test create procedure sp_Trans_Test @newcustid nchar(5), @newcompname nvarchar(40), @oldcustid nchar(5) as declare @inserr int declare @delerr int declare @maxerr int set @maxerr = 0 begin transaction -- Add a customer insert into customers (customerid, companyname) values(@newcustid, @newcompname) -- Save error number returned from Insert statement set @inserr = @@error if @inserr > @maxerr set @maxerr = @inserr -- Delete a customer delete from customers where customerid = @oldcustid -- Save error number returned from Delete statement set @delerr = @@error if @delerr > @maxerr set @maxerr = @delerr
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While the WiredNetwork could be DHCP, in this case we're going to set it as a static IP address of The subnet mask will be and the gateway will be This is all sent to the service in one command, using the -setmanual option with networksetup. When you use this option, you use the -setmanual option followed by the name of the service to configure, then the IP address that will be given to the service, then the subnet and finally the router (default gateway). In our case, the command would be:
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Internet Information Services (IIS), that is already using the same port, you will receive an error while creating the endpoint. If the application is IIS, you can stop the World Wide Web Publishing Service temporarily and then execute the CREATE ENDPOINT statement.
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TIP: Humans are creatures of habit; we thrive on routines. Just remember to be flexible enough in your routine to handle the unexpected that comes your way (because something unexpected will always come your way). Having a steady routine and being able to stay in rhythm are crucial to effective time management. When you arrive at the office, you immediately know the one or two things you will review before you start your day. As your day progresses, you can continue to follow your routine and feel as if you are making progress on a task. Is every day going to be unicorns and rainbows Of course not, but having a routine gives you a better chance at managing your time. Part of your routine should include the review of any tasks you have automated. And speaking of automation, if you have the chance to automate something, then by all means do so. Nothing will free up your time faster than reducing your need to push a lot of buttons. If you can work into your routine some time spent on reviewing the output of automated tasks, then you will be well on your way to successful time management.
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The core of ADO.NET 3.5 EF is in its Entity Data Model. ADO.NET 3.5 EF supports a logical store model that represents the relational schema from a database. A relational database often stores data in a different format from what the application can use. This typically forces developers to retrieve the data in the same structure as that contained in the database. Developers then often feed the data into business entities that are more suited for handling business rules. ADO.NET 3.5 EF bridges this gap between data models using mapping layers. There are three layers active in ADO.NET 3.5 EF s model: Conceptual layer Mapping layer Logical layer These three layers allow data to be mapped from a relational database to a more objectoriented business model. ADO.NET 3.5 EF defines these layers using XML files. These XML files provide a level of abstraction so developers can program against the OO conceptual model instead of the traditional relational data model. The conceptual model is defined in an XML file using Conceptual Schema Definition Language (CSDL). CSDL defines the entities and the relationships as the application s business layer knows them. The logical model, which represents the database schema, is defined in an XML file using Store Schema Definition Language (SSDL). The mapping layer, which is defined using Mapping Schema Language (MSL), maps the other two layers. This mapping is what allows developers to code against the conceptual model and have those instructions mapped into the logical model.
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Once you receive a resize event, you need to call the setSize() to set the new size.
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' Set up delete statement Dim sqldel As String = _ "delete from employees " _ & "where " _ & " firstname = 'Zachariah' " _ & " and " _ & " lastname = 'Zinn' "
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Introducing Team Build
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Transactional Replication
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How do you create those stunning reports The following practices are widely used by report developers to come up with better report designs: Sketch the report layout on paper first. Decide on the page layout, paper size, and orientation (portrait or landscape). Determine the space allocations and formats for all data. Once you ve done this, you re ready to create the report with VS RS.
C++/CLI provides some additional ways to control whether functions in a derived class override a base class function, or whether they simply provide a new function that hides the base class function. The question is, Why The answer has to do with real-world problems associated with updating the base class to a new version. Library vendors often add new functions, including virtual functions, to their base classes to support new features. Consumers of these libraries generally have their own classes that use the library s base classes. It s possible that method name conflicts arise between the library consumer s derived classes and the library vendor s base classes. To make this a little more concrete, let s say we re creating an adventure game in which we have a player up against numerous monsters. Our game is extensible, so we ship our game library, and developers create their own monster types by inheriting from the Monster type in our library. We also have other objects in the game other than monsters, such as weapons, armor, and the like (all represented by an Item class) and tiles on the game map. So, our hierarchy looks like Listing 8-1. Listing 8-1. The Monster Hierarchy // game_library.cpp public ref class GameObject { }; public ref class Monster : GameObject { }; public ref class MapTile : GameObject { }; public ref class Item : GameObject { };
Let s add the header to the report. As usual, adding a header is simple; all you have to do is right-click the open area inside the report designer and select Page Header. After completing the action, your report design surface should look similar to the one shown in Figure 14-5.
Note You must place the code that calls the send pipeline in a Message Assignment shape, because the
Figure 14-7. New MXML Skin wizard Once you have the skin, you can pick the subcomponents, re-skin them by pointing to skins other than the default ones, and reposition elements.
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