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The SQL adapter requires select statements returning records to return them in XML format. Additionally, the XMLDATA clause is required only when running the wizard to generate the schema for the result set from the stored procedure. When you test the solution, make sure to remove the XMLDATA clause from your stored procedure.
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Note that 500 is a (very) popular value with six buckets allocated from the histogram. So we expect to account for at least six buckets plus the rest of the range. Checking carefully, we see that the range 400 to 600 will extend from buckets 12 to 22 broken down as follows: A selection from 357 to 450 All buckets from 450 to 598 A selection from 598 to 670 So we have eight whole buckets (endpoint_numbers 13 to 21) plus (450 - 400) / (450 - 357) + (600 - 598) / (670 - 598) + 2 * 0.000177746 = 50 / 93 + 2 / 72 + 0.000355486 = 0.537634 + 0.0277778 + 0.000355486 = 0.565768 Remembering to add the 8 for the complete buckets, we get a cardinality of Cardinality = selectivity * number of rows IN A BUCKET = 8.565867 * 80 = 685.3 And again, running the query through autotrace, we get
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CHAPTER 5: Production Support
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Figure 12-21. Adding a Resource Dictionary You can then add your style information to the resource dictionary as the following code displays. <ResourceDictionary xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation" xmlns:x="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml"> <Style x:Key="Heading1" TargetType="TextBlock"> <Setter Property="FontSize" Value="22" /> <Setter Property="Foreground" Value="Silver" /> </Style> <Style x:Key="Heading2" TargetType="TextBlock"> <Setter Property="FontSize" Value="18" /> </Style> </ResourceDictionary> Finally, to use the resource dictionary in your application, you need to add an entry in the ResourceDictionary.MergedDictionaries section, as shown in the following code. Once you have added the entry for the ResourceDictionary, you can then use the styles as normal. <UserControl.Resources> <ResourceDictionary> <ResourceDictionary.MergedDictionaries> <ResourceDictionary Source="Dictionary1.xaml" /> </ResourceDictionary.MergedDictionaries> </ResourceDictionary> </UserControl.Resources> <StackPanel x:Name="LayoutRoot">
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Listing 10-8. Customized XML Output Using EXPLICIT Mode <Employee EmpID="1"> <FirstName>Nancy</FirstName> <LastName>Davolio</LastName> </Employee> You can identity two levels in this markup. Level 1 consists of the <Employee> element, and level 2 consists of the <FirstName> and <LastName> elements. The EmployeeID column is outputted as the EmpID attribute of the <Employee> element and hence belongs to level 1. When using EXPLICIT mode to generate this XML output, we will need to write two SELECT queries: The first query will outline the structure, nesting, and element names of the various columns involved. The second query will actually fetch the data. The results of the two queries will be merged with a UNION clause. Let s look at the first SELECT query (see Listing 10-9). Listing 10-9. Defining the Structure of the XML Output SELECT 1 AS Tag, NULL AS Parent, EmployeeID AS [Employee!1!EmpID], FirstName AS [Employee!1!FirstName!element], LastName AS [Employee!1!LastName!element] FROM Employees The query selects five columns: 1, NULL, EmployeeID, FirstName, and LastName. The last three columns are obvious, but what are 1 and NULL The Tag and Parent columns are implicit columns in the resultant table that are created by SQL Server internally: The Tag column specifies the nesting level of the current element. A Tag value of 1 indicates that this query is defining the structure for level 1 of the XML output. The Parent column specifies the parent level of the current tag. A Parent value of NULL indicates that this is the top-level element. Each column specified after the Parent column has some metadata specifications enclosed in square brackets. Multiple pieces of metadata are separated by an exclamation character (!): The first part indicates the name of the parent element of the current element or attribute. The second part indicates the tag number of the element. The third part indicates the name of the current element or attribute. If you specify only these three parts, the column value will be outputted as an attribute. To specify that it should be outputted as an element, you must specify the fourth part. The fourth part is a predefined keyword called element.
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The ClickOnce Data Directory and Deploying Prerequisites
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is to be consumed remotely. This is necessary because even though the method is to be called on a remote object, the client application still needs the server s metadata. There are ways to avoid this coupling, but they are not within the scope of this book. You may refer to the MSDN library for a description of a command-line tool called soapsuds.exe. This tool creates metadata-only assemblies that you can use in client applications in place of the actual server assembly.
Scanning for Viruses
Seminal text editor and pseudo-shell beloved by Unix aficionados; can be used for programming tasks, simple word processing, and much more. This editor has cultural significance as one of the core pieces of software offered by GNU Project, The. Emacs was originally developed principally by Stallman, Richard. See also vi.
This will result in two identical files: one called myfile and one called myfile2.
WorkflowInvoker.Invoke(CollectionWF()); Console.WriteLine("Press ENTER to exit"); Console.ReadLine(); }
Listing 4-10. Injecting Our JDBC DAO Implementation into a Service Class
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