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CHAPTER 7: Client Management
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Entourage Setup
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Not all root kits need to be command line or difficult to use. One, available for a few years now, called HellRaiser (most recently called OSX/HellRTS.D) can be configured and sent to targets in only a few minutes, without the need to ever open Terminal. In order to get infected you would have to run a server daemon, and would need to install it, but it can easily be disguised as something like an iChat Smiley or a fake iLife download. HellRaiser is a RealBasic-based trojan horse that gives control of a Mac OS X system to an attacker. The payload ends up being a root kit accessible through a graphical interface. This can give an attacker the ability to search through your file system and then transfer files, view the clipboard, send audio, send chats, view your screen, show pictures, view spotlight indexes, control mail, reboot and even send shell commands to your computer. Most major anti-virus applications (eg - Symantec, McAfee, etc) will detect the OSX/HellRTS.D. trojan horse when using the latest definition updates, but you would need to be running one of them in order for it to root out HellRaiser. HellRaiser is not widely distributed and so most users have a pretty low risk of being infected. If you find yourself infected. If you want to know who it is that is attempting to establish a connection to your computer then you can enable ipfw and then ipfw logging (see 11 for more on ipfw) for the port that it s attempting to connect over (by default it s 24745).
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Figure 6 11. Configuring an MSMQ send port 7. 8. Leave all other properties with their default values, and click OK. Click OK in the Send Port Properties dialog box to save the send port.
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private function applyTint(colorBlock:MovieClip,val:int):void { var color:int = ColorUtil.adjustBrightness(colorCollection[val].color,val * 20);, 1, {tint:[color]}); }
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2. The results on the executed code will only return one value, as you see in Figure 11-18, not only ignoring ACME as its share price is below $10, but also the share 99999 that has a MinPrice value of NULL.
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After selecting the service, choose either Windows or SQL Server authentication. I m using the Windows authentication. Now, if your connection to the server is established, you should see the list of available databases on the server (I assume that you already have the RealWorld database attached to your server). Please select the RealWorld database as your source database. Now, you can click the Test Connection button to see if everything works fine. Click the OK button the complete the process of creating a new connection. Please see Figure 3-17 for an illustration of steps to create new connection.
Figure 10-2. Creating a new Windows application If you have difficulty creating a Windows Forms project, then I d advise you to revisit 4 for detailed instructions. Let s move on and add the dataset and ReportViewer to the project. Let s start by selecting the project in Solution Explorer; right-click it and select Add New Item DataSet. Please name the dataset dsAccess. Before you add the ReportViewer, please make sure Form1 is open in designer. Now, let s add the ReportViewer to the project from the drag and drop toolbox by selecting Data ReportViewer. Please make sure you set the properties listed in Table 10-1. After you specify all the properties, your Form1 should look similar to Figure 10-3. Table 10-1. Property Settings for the Access Project
We ve added the third table to the list, so now we add the fourth table to the intermediate result. Notice that the cost of the Outer table is now the cost of the join of the previous three tables. Now joining: GREATGRANDPARENT[GGP]#3 ******* NL Join Outer table: cost: 2587 cdn: 1 rcz: 77 resp: Inner table: GREATGRANDPARENT Alias: GGP Access Path: table-scan Resc: 64 Join: Resc: 2651 Resp: 2651
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