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Creating a Client Workflow
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Using a Network Volume for Time Machine
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Fault and result handlers can be defined for each operation in a web service endpoint. If there are multiple operations and some of these do not have custom fault or result handlers, the default <mx:operation> tag-level fault and result handlers are used. The assumption is that the tag-level fault and result handlers are defined. The information we ve discussed so far would get you through most SOAP web services consumption in Flex without any problem. Remember that web services are subject to the same security constraints as HTTPService calls. This means that a crossdomain.xml file with correct configurations will need to reside in a web service provider domain, if it s different from the one that serves the Flex SWF.
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CHAPTER 2: Directory Services Clients
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Figure 6 4. Navigating to the dynamic management views
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When the project is created, you should be looking at the MainPage.xaml file. If you do not see the XAML source, switch to that view. Start by adjusting the size of the UserControl to get some additional space in which to work. Set Height to 400 and Width to 600, as follows: <UserControl x:Class="Ch12_VSInlineStyling.MainPage" xmlns="" xmlns:x="" Width="600" Height="400"> <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White"> </Grid> </UserControl>
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action tags. We also used the JSP standard tag library to iterate through the items in the WebDAV resource collection and determine whether they are collections.
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CHAPTER 10: Hardware Design
The Auto option of the XmlReadMode enumeration uses the most appropriate mechanism while loading the XML data. If the data is a DiffGram, it sets XmlReadMode to DiffGram. If the DataSet already has a schema or the XML document contains an inline schema, it sets XmlReadMode to ReadSchema. Finally, if the DataSet does not already have a schema and the XML document does not contain an inline schema, it sets XmlReadMode to InferSchema.
You can see that the first four image views have an associated graphics file. You should be able to download these files from the Apress web site. You should then import the files into your project s Resources folder by using the Command-Click then Add Existing Files. You then set each of the four image views to use one of the graphics files by clicking on the Image View name in the main window and on the property inspector, by selecting the name of the graphics file. An example for the tableGraphic.png file is shown in Figure 6 7.
The fact1 table is range-partitioned on an ID column and includes three highly repetitive columns. I am going to create three bitmap indexes on this table, one for each of those repetitive columns, and then create matching dimension tables for each of them. Each dimension table will have a primary key declared. To make things more interesting, each dimension table is going to hold 20 times as many distinct values as it needs for this fact1 table, and there will be an extra column (a repetitions column) with a name like rep_nn in each dimension table that I will use in an extra predicate when joining the dimensions to the fact1 table. Here, for example, is a typical dimension table, and an example of the type of query you might run: create table dim_23 as select rownum - 1 mod(rownum - 1,23) lpad(rownum - 1,20) rpad('x',2000) from all_objects where rownum <= 23 * 20 ;
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