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Figure 13-11. The shared S3 image store application Anyone that uses this application can then add their files to a central repository of images. Since all of the files are downloaded locally, you can all share all of the files as a community. Of course, you can use this code to manage any type of files, not just images. You can download the complete code from or the book s SVN here: ch15/AmazonS3.
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(regex "^/usr/bin/svn") (literal "/usr/bin/top") (literal "/usr/bin/touch") (literal "/usr/bin/xargs") ) ;; support files (allow file-read-data file-read-metadata ;; man support (literal "/private/etc/man.conf") (regex "^/usr/share/groff") (regex "^/usr/share/man") (regex "^/usr/X11/man") ;; other (literal "/Library/Preferences/") ) ) ;; end shell.whitelisted-apps
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Using the head and tail Commands
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kill: Terminate a running process. This command has a few optional arguments, but in its most basic form, it is simply given the process id of a running process to terminate. A process s id can be determined through the ps output, as discussed above. The kill command must be run with root privileges via sudo in order to terminate a process running as root. Other common flags include HUP, which can be used to restart a process. Alternatively, the infamous -9 argument, equivalent to KILL, can be used to forcibly terminate a process without prejudice regardless of state or any pending activity. These are merely a selection of the available commands. If you know a few commands that, when executed, will complete a larger overall task, you can then combine them to make a program, which we ll call a script. This is how most people start to learn shell scripting.
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cmd.CommandText = "sp_Select_No_Employees"
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Open the application and connect to your server. To assign a user to a local home directory, go to the Home tab with the appropriate user selected. Listed in this tab will be any predefined home directory paths, as well as any configured automounts. /Users is the default home directory location and will typically be a predefined option in the list. If this is not the case, you can manually specify the path. Once a path has been defined for any user, it will be listed as a predefined option. To manually specify a new local path, first note the user s shortname, found under the basic tab, then click the plus button. In the Full Path field, enter in the local path for that user. For instance, if I want to utilize the standard /Users directory for user with shortname bob, then I would enter the value /Users/bob. From then on, the /Users path will be listed as an option in your list. You can then mass select users and assign them the home directory path with a few clicks.
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sudo vim /etc/apt/sources.list
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By default, Mac OS X Server does not log all events. From a security perspective, if there is a compromised server, then you will want as many logs as possible to pull data from, in order to reconstruct the events that transpired on your server. To maximize logging, open Server Admin, and click the AFP service. Then click the Logging tab, and choose what you want the AFP service to log (Figure 16 30). We recommend checking all the boxes, but if you have a large quantity of AFP traffic, this could prove cumbersome to your log files. If so, reduce the scope by lowering the logging level incrementally until you have a workable solution.
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Figure 5-40. Adding a report parameter All right, we ve got the report parameter ready. Now what Let s make use if it. We will use the report parameter to filter the data from the inventory status table. We need to apply the filter on table1. To set up the filter on table1, use the following steps (see Figure 5-41): 1. Right-click table1, and select Properties. 2. Select the Filters tab in the Table Properties dialog box. 3. Set the filter list Expression to =Fields!ProductName.Value. For Operator, select the equals sign (=), and set the Filter value to =Parameters!parProductName.Value. 4. Click the OK button to complete the process.
Listing 6-35. Using the redirect: Prefix in a View Name return new ModelAndView("redirect:/home",model);
Using Servlets and JavaServer Pages with Portlets
Training, Get You Some of That
That finishes our look at sockets. Although there s more to the topic than what we cover here, further discussion is outside the scope of this book. Let s jump to the second main topic of this chapter: web services.
Encryption: The client will trust only servers supporting ldaps://
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