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As you can see, we now specify some of the metadata about the portlet in the Java class. We do not have to maintain this metadata in two different places; instead, we can just generate the portlet.xml deployment descriptor from the Java class.
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In this exercise, you will see how to add an event handler for a control that you have on a Windows Form. 1. Open a new Windows Forms Application project, and rename the solution and project as 17. Rename Form1.vb to Events.vb, and also modify the Text property of the form to Events. 2. Open the Toolbox and drag a Button control over to the form. Select the Button control, navigate to the Properties window, and for the control s Text property type Click Me. Then click the lightning bolt button located on the toolbar shown in the Properties window, and you will see the entire list of events that the Button control supports; event handlers could be written for all these events (see Figure 17-1). Also notice the tooltip titled Events under the lightning bolt button. 3. By default, the Click event comes preselected, and the text area beside the event is blank. Double-click in this blank area, and you will see that an event handler named button1_Click has been created, as shown in Figure 17-2.
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This join order saves a little time because it can use the partial result on (grandparent, parent) from Join order [11]. But then it stops after the third join (greatgrandparent) because the cost has exceeded the best so far. Join order[12]: GRANDPARENT[GP]#2 PARENT[P]#1 GREATGRANDPARENT[GGP]#3 CHILD[C]#0 Now joining: GREATGRANDPARENT[GGP]#3 ******* NL Join Outer table: cost: 348 cdn: 6 rcz: 50 resp: 348 Inner table: GREATGRANDPARENT Alias: GGP Access Path: table-scan Resc: 63 Join: Resc: 728 Resp: 728 Access Path: index (unique) Index: GGP_PK rsc_cpu: 15558 rsc_io: 1 ix_sel: 1.0000e-003 ix_sel_with_filters: 1.0000e-003 NL Join: resc: 354 resp: 354 Access Path: index (eq-unique) Index: GGP_PK rsc_cpu: 15758 rsc_io: 1 ix_sel: 0.0000e+000 ix_sel_with_filters: 0.0000e+000 NL Join: resc: 354 resp: 354 Best NL cost: 354 resp: 354 Join Card: 6.05 = outer (6.07) * inner (261.26) * sel (3.8168e-003)
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Pages and Controls
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<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White" > <Grid.RowDefinitions> <RowDefinition/> <RowDefinition/> <RowDefinition/> <RowDefinition/> </Grid.RowDefinitions> <Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <ColumnDefinition Width="150"/> <ColumnDefinition/> </Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <TextBlock Text="TextBlock"/> <TextBlock Text="TextBlock"/> <TextBlock Text="TextBlock"/> <TextBox Text="TextBox"/> <TextBox Text="TextBox"/> <TextBox Text="TextBox"/> <StackPanel> <Button Content="Button"/> <Button Content="Button"/> <Button Content="Button"/> </StackPanel> </Grid> 8. Now you need to place these controls in the proper cells in your grid. Click to highlight the control in the Objects and Timeline panel. In the Layout section of the Properties panel, you will see Row and Column properties. Set their values so that you have the following result: <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White" > <Grid.RowDefinitions> <RowDefinition/> <RowDefinition/> <RowDefinition/> <RowDefinition/> </Grid.RowDefinitions> <Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <ColumnDefinition Width="150"/> <ColumnDefinition/> </Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <TextBlock Text="TextBlock"/> <TextBlock Text="TextBlock" Grid.Row="1"/> <TextBlock Text="TextBlock" Grid.Row="2"/> <TextBox Text="TextBox" Grid.Column="1"/> <TextBox Text="TextBox" Grid.Column="1" Grid.Row="1"/> <TextBox Text="TextBox" Grid.Row="2" Grid.Column="1"/>
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Once you understand one layout control, you pretty much understand them all. The important thing to remember is that layout controls can be stacked (i.e., a layout control can contain another layout control), and with this in mind you can get great control over your window s behavior. Here s an example of an application that uses multiple DockPanel and StackPanel controls to create a typical MDI-style application with a toolbar, a status bar, docks on the left and right, and a client area:
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You can try performing a full system scan, but in our tests, several false positives were identified, meaning that ClamAV identified innocent files as containing viruses. Because of this, it s best to use ClamAV to scan just your personal files for viruses, which is to say, those within your /home directory. Bear in mind that this is where all files you import to your computer will likely to be installed, so this is where an infection is most likely to be found. To scan your personal files, follow these instructions:
CHAPTER 3: Securing User Accounts
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Encoding Video for Flash Applications
FileConverter(String^ source_file) { fileNative = new FileNative(); pin_ptr<const wchar_t> wfilename = PtrToStringChars(source_file); size_t convertedChars = 0; size_t sizeInBytes = ((source_file->Length + 1) * 2); errno_t err = 0; char *filename = (char *)malloc(sizeInBytes); err = wcstombs_s(&convertedChars, filename, sizeInBytes, wfilename, sizeInBytes); if (err != 0) printf_s("wcstombs_s failed!\n"); fileNative->Open(filename); } void Convert(String^ dest_file) { String^ text; char ptr[1024]; int len; try { sw = gcnew StreamWriter(dest_file); } catch(Exception^ e) { Console::WriteLine("Error occurred. {0}", e->Message); } while ((len = fileNative->Read(ptr)) != 0) { // This version of the string constructor takes // a char* pointer, an offset, and a number of characters // to create the String from a portion of a character array. text = gcnew String(ptr, 0, len); Console::Write(text); sw->Write(text); } }
Table 3-1 lists the basic numeric types used in F# code and their corresponding literal forms. The table also lists the non-numeric types bool and unit. Table 3-1. Basic Types and Literals
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