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Note Some functional languages such as Haskell place strong emphasis on equational reasoning principles. In
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(read, write, and execute), represent the mode for the owner, who in this example is hunterbj. Thus, user hunterbj has read, write, and execute privileges for this folder. The next three digits represent group privileges: staff has read and execute privileges. The final three characters represent permissions for everyone else: in this case, only read and execute privileges. On a lower level, POSIX uses bit flags to represent modes. This means that permissions are represented by a unique numerical value. The read, write, and execute modes are each represented by three separate bits. The easiest way to illustrate this is by comparing it to our previous ls output.
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The Border Control
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from the grid. For example, if you moved to the LastName column, the alert would disappear and you could modify the value. For some tables (but not Employees), if you use the last row you can insert a new row. You can also delete rows. But be careful! Any changes, except for deletions, will be made in the database without prompting you for confirmation. Horizontal and vertical scroll bars appear appropriately, and buttons and a text box in the status bar also let you navigate through table rows. Close the window and expand the dbo.Employees node. Then expand its Columns node. You ll see the screen in Figure 2-10.
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import net.rim.device.api.ui.Field; import net.rim.device.api.ui.MenuItem; import net.rim.device.api.ui.component.*; import net.rim.device.api.ui.container.MainScreen; public class RecordingScreen extends MainScreen implements PlayerListener { public static final int RECORD_AUDIO = 1; public static final int RECORD_PICTURE = 2; public static final int RECORD_VIDEO = 3;
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Figure 13-14. The target directory Within the root directory of the target, you can see the Web Form Default.aspx, the web.config file, a PrecompiledApp.config file, and a bin directory. Navigate to the bin directory (Figure 13-15).
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Figure 3-35. The Client s output when using a metadata-only assembly
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' Create connection Dim conn As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection(connString) ' Create dataset Dim ds As TypedCustomers = New TypedCustomers()
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CHAPTER 8: Automating Administrative Tasks
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Click the Character set and separators tab. The character sets and separators define how an envelope (and the entire body of the document) is laid out. For example, setting the Data element field to an asterisk (*) ensures that each element of a segment is separated with this character (see Figure 8 13). Once all of the properties have been configured as desired, click the OK button. Properties can be changed at any time and will immediately take effect.
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Caution Notice the Path.Combine() method call here is fully qualified (specified with the namespace). This is because there is another Path class in System.Windows.Shapes. If you don t fully qualify Path, the ambiguous name will cause an error.
The good news is that the groundwork has been laid. OS X ships with all of its applications signed by Apple, and are thereby potentially unsusceptible to malicious modification. Likewise, third-party developers can do the same. We say potentially unsusceptible simply due to the fact that with no teeth the system doesn t do much good; the lack of a clear, concise and consistent UI is in my opinion the most significant shortcoming in the system. That s not to say that their current use in the Security Framework, Application Firewalling, and MCX should be ignored: in each case, they serve an important role. Users can rest assured that if they have their application firewall employed, provisioned applications won t freely be granted network if they have been modified. Likewise, system administrators who deploy signed applications have a very good system for restricting application usage on their managed networks, MCX is no longer a system easily subverted. However, the lack of communication that OS X maintains with end users minimizes the impact that all of these features have on the security situation for every day OS X users. Apple is no doubt treading lightly here; the iPhone OS has complete enforcement of application signing. In fact, it s not even possible to run an unsigned application on the iPhone unless you jail break it (which completely disables application signing enforcement). Apple could introduce this extreme right off the bat with the iPhone OS because it was a brand new system, and it s always easier to start clean. Things aren t so cut and dry with a desktop-class OS like OS X, where dependencies on third-party vendors is more of an issue. They certainly want to avoid a Vista-like experience where security alerts are so common that they are altogether dismissed as an annoyance. As such, it s difficult to foresee a future where OS X warns users of unsigned applications. However, there s no reason why a user shouldn t be warned if a signed application is altered. Hopefully with 10.7 we ll see more user exposure and utilization of this powerful security feature.
User Module
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Figure 3 11. Limiting Apple Mail and iChat
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