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This namespace includes client- and server-side channels for interactions via a proprietary TCP-based protocol.
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You can use the BizTalk Administration Console to import a BizTalk application (via an MSI file). The following steps outline the procedure: 1. 2. Open the BizTalk Administration Console. In the left pane, navigate through BizTalk Server Administration to your BizTalk group. Right-click the Applications folder, and select Import MSI File. This launches the Import Wizard. On the Welcome page, navigate to and select the MSI file that is to be used to perform the import. In this example, we are importing the BizTalk Demo.BizTalk application (exported in the previous Recipe), as shown in Figure 9 8. Click Next.
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The inner join on EmployeeID produces a table composed of three columns: OrderID, CustomerID, and LastName. The data is retrieved from rows in Orders and Employees where their EmployeeID columns have the same value. Any rows in Orders that don t match rows in Employees are ignored, and vice versa. (This isn t the case here, but you ll see an example soon.) An inner join produces only rows that satisfy the join specification.
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In this chapter you learned how to add customization to your web application to give it a more personal and intimate feel. With the advancement and complexity of web applications, many end users and customers want to be able to have a certain degree of control or customization over their content. By using the tools discussed in this chapter, you will be able to deliver this type of rich user experience.
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class PlantData { public: static void PlantQuery(char* search, Recordset** records) { DBConnection connection; connection.Query( search, records); } // destructor for connection called }; A bit of a philosophical perspective is in order here. The stack and the heap have a historical origin in terms of how programming languages and memory models were implemented and evolved. There are significant lifecycle differences between stack and heap objects. Stack objects are short-lived and are freed up at the end of the block in which they are declared. They are fundamentally local variables. Heap objects could live for a lot longer and are not tied to any particular function scope. The design of C++/CLI is shaped by the idea that the notion of the semantics of a stack variable or a heap variable can be separated from the actual implementation of a given variable as actual memory on the stack or heap. Another way of looking at it is that because we have reference types that cannot live on the stack, we d like a way to have our cake and eat it, too. We d like reference types with the semantics of stack variables. With this in mind, consider the managed version of the preceding example. If you went ahead and implemented the native classes DBConnection and PlantData as managed types using a literal transliteration of the code, your code would look something like Listing 4-6. Listing 4-6. Accessing the Botany Database with Managed Classes // ManagedPlantQuery.cpp using namespace System; ref class Recordset; ref class DBConnection { public: DBConnection() { // Open the connection. // ... } Recordset^ Query(String^ search) { // Query the database, generate recordset, // and return handle to recordset. // ... }
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You will now create an Observer for the source Subject created in Step 2. This Observer object will be notified of any changes to the source in this case, every time a new integer is generated, or pushed down to the application. 3. Add the following code to create the Observer: IDisposable subscription = source.Subscribe(x => textBlock1.Text += String.Format(" OnNext: {0}", x), ex => textBlock1.Text += String.Format(" OnError: {0}", ex.Message), () => textBlock1.Text += " OnCompleted"); The Subscribe method of IObservable<T> has several overloads; the one that you just used accepts three lambda expressions (see sidebar, Lambda Expressions ) as its parameters: the first lamda expression contains the logic to invoke when another element becomes available to the Observer (OnNext), the second has logic to invoke if there is an exception in the Observer (OnError), and the last one contains logic that gets executed when the Subject completes its useful life (OnComplete). The completion of useful life condition varies from Subject to Subject, but generally means that there are no more elements to receive from the Subject. If you are not familiar with lamda expressions, the sidebar contains a brief introduction to this newer feature of the .NET framework.
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Term (num, id, idx), src | _ -> Const num, src | Some (ID id, src) -> let idx, src = parseIndex src Term(1, id, idx), src | _ -> failwith "end of token stream in term" let rec parsePolynomial src = let t1, src = parseTerm src match tryToken src with | Some (PLUS, src) -> let p2, src = parsePolynomial src (t1 :: p2), src | _ -> [t1], src The functions here have the following types (using the type aliases you defined): val val val val tryToken parseIndex parseTerm parsePolynomial : : : : TokenStream TokenStream TokenStream TokenStream -> -> -> -> (token * TokenStream ) option int * TokenStream Term * TokenStream Polynomial * TokenStream
2. When Evolution starts for the first time, you ll be invited to enter your configu-
Figure 6-5. Resetting the layout of the Accordion control <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White"> <toolkit:Accordion Name="BookList" Width="200" Margin="10" /> </Grid> 4. Switch to the code behind in the file MainPage.xaml.cs. We need to define the data we ll be binding to the Accordion. For simplicity, we ll define the data right in the code behind file. Add two classes, one for Categories and one for Books. namespace AccordionControl { public partial class MainPage : UserControl { public MainPage() { InitializeComponent(); } } public class BookCategory { public string CategoryName { get; set; } public List<Book> Books { get; set; } }
referential integrity (RI)
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