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In this chapter, you learned how to do imperative programming in F#, from some of the basic mutable data structures such as reference cells to working with side effects such as exceptions and I/O. You also looked at some general principles for avoiding the need for imperative programming and isolating your uses of side effects. The next chapter returns to some of the building blocks of both functional and imperative programming in F#, with a deeper look at types, type inference, and generics.
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Securing the Service Layer
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Figure 4-11. Product List Reorder Point report output
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to use as well. If you assume that the total voltage is 3.0 volts, then in the leftmost case, you would measure 3.0 volts at the center tap. Skipping the rightmost case, your measurement takes place at the bottom, or far end, of the potentiometer s total resistance. As can be seen in Figure 4 8, you measure 0.0 volts because the current has passed through the total resistance of the circuit. Finally, if the knob were set exactly at the middle position, then you would be measuring at exactly the half resistance point, and expect to get half the total voltage, or 1.5 volts, which is exactly (to the certainty of the measuring equipment) what you see. Now all you need do is take these measurements with your accessory board, and when they change (the knob rotates) you send the updated reading to your iPhone application. The iPhone app can then determine where it wants to place the paddle. A simple scenario would be to position the paddle all the way to the left if the reading is 3.0 volts and all the way right if the reading is 0.0 volts. Then the app extrapolates an in-between position for any other readings.
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Leveraging the Web Browser
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lient-side reporting is not a new phenomenon. No matter what platform you use for development, you need some way or other to produce reports. This chapter will explore the new client-side reporting features provided by Visual Studio (VS) 2005 and the forthcoming release of VS (Visual Studio 2008) and build a sound foundation for using them throughout this book. From here on, if you see a reference to VS, I mean to say both VS 2005 and Visual Studio 2008. In this chapter, the following topics will be covered: Characteristics of the client-side reporting architecture How client-side reporting supports various report users How clients can act as hosts for report delivery The three-step report-creation process Basic report structure (header, body, and footer) Extending the basic structure into subsections for complex reports Essentials for creating better reports Various industry-standard reporting patterns How different reporting patterns are used in the real world
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Now and then, we developers find ourselves in a situation that demands a cross-tab report. Well, that s nothing to worry about. You ll not even spend an hour to get your pivot report ready in VS 2005 and Visual Studio 2008. Please see Figure 2-11 for an example of the matrix item in action All three sections in the matrix item need to be bound to a data source. You can simply drag and drop data fields from the data source on the Row, Column, or Details section according to the report s needs. A pivot report created using the matrix item also gives the user the ability to drill down for further detailed reported information. The value in the Detail section is aggregated for both Row- and Column-bound data.
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You can send several jobs to the background, and each one will be given a different job number. In this case, when you wish to switch to a running job, you can type its number. For example, the following command will switch you to the background job assigned the number 3:
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Most versions of Linux create a user account called root and let users log in as root to perform system maintenance. However, for practical as well as security reasons, most of the time the user is logged in as a standard user. Ubuntu is different in that it does away with the root account. Instead, it allows certain users, including the one created during installation, to temporarily adopt root-like powers. You will already have encountered this when configuring hardware. As you ve seen, all you need to do is type your password when prompted in order to administer the system. This way of working is referred to as sudo, which is short for superuser do. In fact, the command sudo will let you adopt root powers at the shell prompt simply preface any command with sudo in order to run it with root privileges. (A different command is normally used if you want to run graphical applications from the shell prompt gksu. However, the effect is the same.) Ubuntu remembers when you last used sudo too, so that it won t annoy you by asking you again for your password wtihin 15 minutes of its first use. You can avoid this grace period by typing sudo -k. In some ways, the sudo system is slightly less secure than using a standard root account. But it s also a lot simpler. It reduces the chance of serious errors, too. Any command or tweak that can cause damage will invariably require administrative powers, and therefore require you to type your password or preface the command with sudo. This serves as a warning and prevents mistakes. If you re an experienced Linux user and want to invoke the root account, simply type the following at the command prompt: sudo passwd root Then, type a password. If you subsequently want to deactivate the root account, type this: sudo passwd -l root If you ever want to slip into the root account for a short period, even if you haven t followed the previous instructions to activate the root account login, you can do so by typing the following: sudo su You ll be prompted to type your password; do so. When you ve finished, type exit to return to your standard user account.
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colorCollection. Since in this example we will be using one color for all the items in our ArrayCollection, we adjust the brightness to give a contrast from one to the next. Now we get to the meat of our coverflow the animation.
Table 7-3. Table Item Properties
let rec loop c acc = match c with | ChainNode(_,_,subChain) -> loop subChain (acc+1) | ChainEnd _ -> acc loop chain 0
If your needs are simple and you are looking for an inexpensive solution, you can use the Adobe Media Encoder (AME) to compress video and create video files for use in your application. AME is included in Flash CS4 and several other Adobe products. AME integrates well with other elements of the Adobe toolset and has an extensive collection of predefined settings (presets) for importing the most common formats. This is of particular value because, for encoding video, there are a surprising number of userdefined parameters to customize and optimize codec output.
Step 2: Designing the Report Layout
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