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Depending on the client machine s routing setup, you might be able to have the server machine pass all Internet traffic through the client machine. This is a good way to help secure traffic if you re using a wireless access point in a public place. You can bring up the VPN connection and then change your default route with the following command:
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Tip If you re interested in setting up a low-cost personal video recorder (PVR) and entertainment system,
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In this chapter, you looked at Silverlight s isolated storage feature. As you saw, it is very straightforward to store user-specific data for your application and have that data persist over browser instances. This provides a very convenient way for developers to add offline content or save user settings. In the next chapter, you will look at Microsoft Expression Blend 4, an application created for the sole purpose of visually editing XAML.
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As you ve seen in this exercise, applying transformations is pretty straightforward.
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Many classes are involved in smoothly fulfilling a content handling request. Some are only used by the client, others only by the server, and some by both. However, it is helpful to have a rough understanding of what each component does so you can anticipate what other apps might do.
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F# stems from a tradition in programming languages where the emphasis has been on declarative and functional approaches to programming in which state is made explicit, largely by passing extra parameters. Many F# programmers use functional programming techniques first before turning to their imperative alternatives, and we encourage you to do the same, for all the reasons listed at the start of this chapter. However, F# also integrates imperative and functional programming together in a powerful way. F# is actually an extremely succinct imperative programming language! Furthermore, in some cases, no good functional techniques exist to solve a problem, or those that do are too experimental for production use. This means that in practice, using imperative constructs and libraries is common in F#: for example, many of the examples you saw in s 2 and 3 used side effects to report their results or to create GUI components. Regardless, we still encourage you to think functionally, even about your imperative programming. In particular, it s always helpful to be aware of the potential side effects of your overall program and the characteristics of those side effects. The following sections describe five ways to help tame and reduce the use of side effects in your programs.
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1. You can view the contents of the GAC by going to %windir%\assembly.
String messageString = "The falcon cannot hear the falconer."; byte[] messageBytes = messageString.getBytes(); String keyString = "beast"; byte[] keyBytes = keyString.getBytes(); RC5Key key = new RC5Key(keyBytes); RC5EncryptorEngine engine = new RC5EncryptorEngine(key); PKCS5FormatterEngine padder = new PKCS5FormatterEngine(engine); ByteArrayOutputStream output = new ByteArrayOutputStream(); BlockEncryptor encryptor = new BlockEncryptor(padder, output); encryptor.write(messageBytes); encryptor.close(); output.flush(); byte[] cipherBytes = output.toByteArray(); String cipherString = new String(cipherBytes);
Implicit Boxing and Unboxing
select orders.orderid, orders.customerid, employees.lastname
Ubuntu can also run on Apple Macintosh computers, as well as PCs, and the DVD-ROM supplied with this book contains everything you need. However, the instructions vary depending on the processor installed in your Macintosh. To find out which type of processor your Mac uses, click the Apple menu and select About This Mac. In the summary dialog box, look for the Processor heading. If the line reads PowerPC, see the instructions under that heading. If the line contains Intel in combination with any other words, such as Intel Core Duo, continue with the following instructions.
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