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./socketfilterfw -t "/Applications/FileMaker Pro 9/FileMaker Pro"
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Our crawler overrides GenericPortlet; this will simplify the implementation of our very conventional design. The constructor is empty:
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None needed. Right-click and click Add to Drawer to add applets. Click the preferred mouse action.
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We are going to build a portlet that connects to a WebDAV server. You will need to install a CMS that supports WebDAV. We used the open source Apache Slide server. The easiest way to get started is to download the Slide binary distribution that bundles the compiled version of Slide with an installation of Apache Tomcat. You will need to edit the port numbers for Slide s Tomcat if you run Slide side by side with Pluto on the same computer, so they do not conflict. Another option is to install the Slide web application on an external installation of Tomcat. We used Slide 2.0, running on port 9080. Use your operating system s built-in WebDAV support to add some files and folders to the Slide content repository. Documentation for both Windows and Mac OS X is available on the Slide web site. You can also use the command-line Slide WebDAV client. Our portlet only allows content browsing and viewing, although we could certainly add more file management support. We are using several open source libraries for our WebDAV portlet. The first is the WebDAV client library we discussed previously. That library is packaged in the jakarta-slide-webdavlib-2.0.jar file. It also requires the Jakarta Commons HTTP client library and the Jakarta Commons logging libraries. The correct versions are in the Slide client binary distribution. The other libraries we will use are the JSP Standard Tag libraries, for our JSP files. We use the Jakarta Commons Standard Tag Library, version 1.0.4 (the same as 5). We will need the jstl.jar and the standard.jar files. All of these libraries should go in your WEB-INF/lib directory. Our portlet will display the available resources for a collection, or it will display the contents of a noncollection resource. If you select a collection, the portlet will update its internal pointer to a WebDAV resource, and then display the resources in the collection. If you select a file, the portlet will retrieve its contents as a string, and then display them in the portlet window. You may also navigate back up the hierarchy with the parent folder link at the bottom of the page. We created one portlet class, It responds to action requests and render requests. The WebDAVHelper class encapsulates the WebDAV functionality. WebDAVHelper is a bridge between the portlet and the client library, and it includes some utility methods. Our JSP file, ListFiles.jsp, uses the portlet and standard JSP tag libraries to display the resources for a collection.
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on the XML-related code. The code in this book's download contains all the validation checks.
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Creating an Example Delegate
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The first one enables collection of cache statistics, the second one enables the use of cache statistics for optimization and since it can be set at the session level, it can t really hurt to try fiddling with it (on a test database). set autotrace traceonly explain alter session set "_optimizer_cache_stats" = true; select count(*) from t1; alter session set "_optimizer_cache_stats" = false; select count(*) from t1; set autotrace off In this particular test, the cost of the tablescan with _optimizer_cache_stats set to false was 5,030 (this was following on from the 2KB block test earlier). When I switched _optimizer_cache_stats to true, the cost dropped to 5,025. Unfortunately, I couldn t see any SQL accessing cache_stats_1$ during the optimization phase when I enabled cache stats. On the other hand, the optimizer always accessed the empty tab_stats$ and ind_stats$ tables to optimize a new statement. I m still in the dark about what this scattered collection of observations means but there seem to be at least two groups in Oracle Corporation who are working on ideas about including localized cache hit ratios into the optimizer. If or when the feature goes into production, it s sure to fix some existing problems; it s also likely to create some new ones. How, for example, do you work out what the execution plan was 24 hours after a performance problem has come and gone, when the localized cache hit ratios have changed or you re only allowed to run diagnostics on the UAT system where the localized cache hit ratios have nothing to do with the figures you get from production (You may have to license the AWR whether you like it or not.)
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An open-source community is only as successful as the quality of contributions it receives. While it is ultimately your call, I strongly encourage you to release any original modifications you make to the phpBB community at large. With your modifications released to the community, you help to cultivate the evolution of phpBB even further. Your work can receive criticism and enhancement. Plus, you never know when one of your features may be adopted in a future release! Here, I will give some pointers on how to release your modification to the community at large.
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Managed Array Class Members
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Moving On to the Next Project
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Syndicating Out
_cache_stats_monitor _optimizer_cache_stats (Default value TRUE) (Default value FALSE)
well, considering that Apple has made it clear in developer documentation that this is the preferred method to store preference settings. At first, the defaults framework within Mac OS X may seem fairly complicated. If you re familiar with the Microsoft Windows Registry, using that as an analog might help. The Registry has a number of keys, each specifying a number of settings available either from the operating system or third party applications (whether available through the GUI or not). The OS X defaults system is a feature-rich and easily integrated method of changing application and operatingsystems settings. Showing hidden files in the Finder provides another example of using defaults. To see the contents of a property list, you can use defaults along with the read verb. To look at the contents of the domain, which controls the Finder, you simply type the command:
this is the case, Brasero will stop during the writing process with an error message. You ll need to adjust the burn speed. To do so, in the Disc Burning Setup dialog box, click the Properties button and choose a more conservative speed from the Burning Speed drop-down list.
Perspective Clone
F# lets you define two special operators, ( ) and ( <-), to perform dynamic lookups of objects. These are conceptually very simple operators, but they add interesting new opportunities for interoperability between dynamic data and static data in F# programming. These operators implicitly translate their second argument to a string, if it s a simple identifier. That is, a use of these operators is translated as follows: expr nm expr1 nm <- expr2 ( ) expr "nm" ( <-) expr1 "nm" expr2
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