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Figure 12-8. Choose Connect to PHP from the Data menu On the next screen, your wizard brings you to the page that lets you configure a PHP service. This allows you to choose a PHP service class that can be configured as a service endpoint and be bound to a Flex
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Do you see how many delegate methods there are One! That s right, your application delegate only needs to implement the applicationDidFinishLaunching:application: method. You usually implement the applicationDidFinishLaunching: delegate method because this is where you load views or restore old settings and preferences. I think we can all agree that delegation offers a much simpler solution for dealing with the application itself.
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The custom modes supported by the portlet are also specified with the
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The HTTPService component, which is a part of the mx.rpc.http package, facilitates HTTP request/response communication. It is accessible as an MXML tag and can be imported and invoked as an ActionScript class. Any resource identifiable as a URL and accessible over HTTP or HTTPS can be
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Guarding Rules and Combining Patterns
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We have come about halfway to being able to see the results of our effort. Now is the time to work on the body section. You ll notice that the body section is a little different in all aspects than the header or footer. So far, we have used the text box and line items; now, let s say hello to the table item. Let s start by dragging Report Items Table from the toolbox and dropping it inside the body section in the report designer. A new table item will be created for you, and it will have default name of table1. Please make sure your report designer resembles the one shown in Figure 4-28.
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So far, this book has focused on code. In reality, almost every program comes with additional data resources that form an intrinsic part of the application. Common examples of the latter include the resource strings, sounds, fonts, and images for GUI applications. Applications typically select between different data resources based on language or culture settings. Often, programs also access additional parameters, such as environment variables derived from the execution context or registry settings recording user-configuration options. It can be useful to understand the idioms used by .NET to make managing data and configuration settings more uniform. Table 7-3 shows some of the terminology used for data resources. Table 7-3. Application Data: Terminology
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CHAPTER 5: Reviewing Logs and Monitoring
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your password when prompted. Click the Search button, and enter firestarter as a search term. In the list of results, locate the program, and click the check box. Then choose to install the package, and click Apply on the Synaptic toolbar.
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Script fake_hist.sql in the online code suite shows some effects of getting it wrong which you might want to do by choice, of course. The most important thing to remember is that even though the histogram is supposed to describe your data by listing how many rows you have for each value, the optimizer will adjust these row counts according to other critical values that it holds about the table. The maximum cumulative value in a frequency histogram which appears in the column endpoint_number should match the number of rows in the table minus the number of nulls in the column. If it doesn t, then Oracle adjusts the cardinality calculation accordingly. The density is a critical value for the number of rows returned. If you have a specific value in the histogram that is supposed to return X rows, but X is less than density * (user_tables.num_rows - user_tab_columns.num_nulls), the optimizer will use the larger number. In my test case, I have 300,000 rows in the table, and one column with ten distinct values. After generating the cumulative frequency histogram, Oracle had a density of 0.000001667 for the column, and knew that the value 10 appeared exactly 1,000 times according to the histogram. So, on the baseline test, the following query showed an execution plan with a cardinality of 1,000: select * from t1 where currency_id = 10 ; I then ran several independent tests, using the hack_stats.sql script from the online code suite to modify the statistics on the data dictionary, rebuilding the baseline after each test: When I changed user_tables.num_rows to 150,000, the optimizer reported card = 500. When I changed user_tab_columns.num_nulls to 200,000, the optimizer reported card = 333. When I changed user_tab_columns.density to 0.01, the optimizer reported card = 3,000. The last test was the most surprising when you create a frequency histogram, the density is always set to 1/(2 * num_rows). But there seems to be a bit of optimizer code that deals with the possibility that someone has been messing about with the density, and has set it so high that one of the known values in the frequency histogram is apparently going to return fewer rows than an unknown value that is not in the histogram. Clearly, this could be a very convenient way to identify up to 254 specific values in a column, and then set a figure for the number of rows that the optimizer should allow for every other value that might be used when querying this column with a constant. Of course, the usual problems of bind variables, bind variable peeking, and joins have to be taken into account.
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you must use the DROP CONSTRAINT command. The removal of this constraint will also remove the index from the table.
Value Color
Installing the AdventureWorks Creation Script
To perform a restore, just replace the appropriate e-mails or directories into the user s mail root. You can restore entire mailboxes simply by placing the respective dot-prefixed folder there or: alternatively, you can create your own restore mailbox, using the following command (here we use jdoe in the mail paths for brevity, it is necessary to use the user s GeneratedUID, as discussed above):
public interface UserAccountService { @Secured({"ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR","ROLE_USER"}) UserAccount findUser(String username); @Secured({"ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR"}) void createUser(UserAccount account);
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