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Small program that, in the context of the Ubuntu desktop, runs as part of a larger program and offers functions that complement the main program. The GNOME desktop incorporates several applets in its notification area.
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we instead turn to disk images. A disk image is essentially a virtual volume that can be mounted on a computer and then used to store files. When a disk image is mounted, it appears just like any hard drive or CD would, and is accessed in the same manner as a hard drive: you simply create folders and save files to it. Disk images have been around the Mac OS for a long time, and are most commonly used today for the digital delivery of software and their subsequent updates. For instance, you navigate to http://support.apple.com and download a software package; it will be downloaded in the form of a diskimage file, as denoted by its .dmg extension. This file, when opened, will result in the mounting of a volume on the computer, typically named in a similar fashion of the disk image file itself, though that is not always the case; a disk image s volume name is independent of its file name. Figure 9 6 shows an example disk image file, in this case Apple s 10.6.2 combined updater for OS X server, named MacOSXServerUpdCombo10.6.2.dmg. When the .dmg file is opened, a volume named Mac OS X 10.6.2 Server Update Combo is mounted, and a window is opened displaying the root of its filesystem.
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actually hold data.
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In this recipe, how to use the File receive adapter was demonstrated. You can configure the File adapter either using the BizTalk Explorer (within a receive location) from Visual Studio, using code (most commonly via an orchestration), or using the BizTalk Administration Console. The File adapter receive configuration options encompass receive location parameters, network failure options, batching, and authentication. In addition to the basic configuration options, you can configure other advanced options to assist in the process of receiving files. The General tab contains some advanced configuration options, as shown in Table 6 2. Table 6 2. Advanced Settings for File Transport
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When you inserted the new row into Employees, you hard-coded the values. Although this was perfectly valid SQL, it s something you almost never want (or need) to do. You need to be able to store whatever values are appropriate at any given time. There are two approaches to doing this. Both are reasonable, but one is far more efficient than the other. The less-efficient alternative is to dynamically build a SQL statement, producing a string that contains all the necessary information in the CommandText property. For example, you could do something like this:
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Start by creating a custom activity that will perform the activity and then use the QCPolicy activity to determine whether this work needs to be reviewed. Right-click the PolicySample project and choose Add New Item. In the Add New Item dialog, select the Activity template in the Workflow category (see Figure 20-15). Enter the name as MyActivity.xaml.
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The variable _ac, an Accelerometer object, will be used to start and stop the sensor, and retrieve x, y, z and time value. Also notice the ReadingChanged event, which sends the captured accelerometer data to be displayed in the UI. Also the starting position of the ball is set to the center of the canvas where the ball is placed. private Accelerometer _ac; public MainPage() { InitializeComponent(); SupportedOrientations = SupportedPageOrientation.Portrait; ball.SetValue(Canvas.LeftProperty, ContentGrid.Width / 2); ball.SetValue(Canvas.TopProperty, ContentGrid.Height / 2); _ac = new Accelerometer(); _ac.ReadingChanged += new EventHandler<AccelerometerReadingEventArgs>(ac_ReadingChanged); }
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CHAPTER 10: Porting Your App
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TIP Although the portlet name has to be unique within a portlet application, it is possible that one portal could have portlets in different portlet applications with the same name. It is also possible that you could install the same portlet application on a portal twice, in different contexts. The portal will use a combination of the portlet application context and the portlet name to refer to the portlet. As an aside, you can also have the same portlet in more than one place in the portal page.
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Fixed-length string of 1 to 8,000 bytes Fixed-length Unicode string of 1 to 4,000 bytes Variable-length string of 1 to 231 1 characters Variable-length Unicode string of 1 to 230 1 bytes Variable-length string of 1 to 231 1 bytes Variable-length Unicode string of 1 to 231 1 bytes
Listing 10-5. Clearing Any Cached Copies of the Bean helper.clear();
You are using a DataGrid to show the results and values of the infoVO object you set. Since the data provider is bindable you can see the information as you change the properties in the VO.
URL Counting
Programmatic Control
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