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We recommend following the installation instructions available from http:// paperstack.com/yazd since these are slightly more comprehensive than those available from the http://yazd.yasna.com site. Figure 13-1 shows what you should see once you ve got the administration side of things up and running.
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Loose Ends
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Listing 5-31. The Implementation of a Before Advice
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Tip You might be familiar with the tracking mechanism provided by previous versions of WF. In version 3.0 and 3.5, tracking was implemented by writing the events to a database, which could then be queried by the application or an external monitoring utility. The tracking provided in version 4.0 is designed with a whole new approach.
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public function get bodyPM():BodyPM { return _bodyPM; } public function set bodyPM(value:BodyPM):void { _bodyPM = value;
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CHAPTER 12: Everything Else
In order to send messages, your application will need to declare appropriate permissions within its JAD or manifest. Application permissions are covered in more detail in 9. For now, just be aware that in order for your code to run on the device, you will need to include the following permissions. javax.microedition.io.Connector.sms: Required to open an SMS connection.
The Computer Configuration options mostly have to do with rights management. Here you can define which users or groups are capable of performing certain types of tasks and policies that span multiple users.
Caution In both the PPID and PID fields, you should always watch out for low numbers, particularly
In this chapter we covered the basics of handling ADO.NET events. You saw what events are and how to use delegates to bind them to event handlers. Specifically, you saw the following: That a connection s StateChange event fires when the state changes from Open to Closed or from Closed to Open. That a connection s InfoMessage event fires when the database returns informational messages that aren t errors. You also saw that you can bind any number of events to their respective event handlers from within the same method. How to use a data adapter s RowUpdating and RowUpdated events to determine the status of a row before and after it s updated. How to bind the same event to more than one event handler. In the next chapter, you ll see how to store and retrieve binary and text data.
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