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Developing a Report Using Report Wizard
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There is a slightly exotic bug relating to this new grouping mechanism that appears in some special cases of sort/merge joins. MetaLink bug 3487660 applies. Essentially, there is a case where the optimizer assumes that a group by implies an order by, and fails to do a sort on the first input to a merge join when it really needs to do one.
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From the figure you can see that if you call ReadSubTree() when your XmlTextReader is on an <employee> node of the document, the ReadSubTree() method returns another XmlReader containing that <employee> node and all its child nodes (that is, the subtree of the <employee> node).
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Uploading the XAP File to Marketplace
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Another example is to create a crossdomain.xml file that allows a secure server connection. You would use secure="true".
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[SWF] C:\shashank_workfolder\projects\galileo_workspace_default\DownloadImage\ bin-debug\main.swf - 1,179,749 bytes after decompression <type name="String" base="Object" isDynamic="false" isFinal="true" isStatic="false"> <extendsClass type="Object"/> <constructor> <parameter index="1" type="*" optional="true"/> </constructor> <accessor name="length" access="readonly" type="int" declaredBy="String"/>
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Now that you ve scanned the image for restoration, load up the ASR server. To do so, use the asr command with the server option:
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You will implement both of those steps in the next section.
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