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As I ve said before, users are what make communities! The functionality of the User module was covered in 2 in the section concerning users.
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CHAPTER 4: Storage
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For this report, we need two rectangle items, one image item, and a total of forty text boxes. Let s start the design by dragging the two rectangle items from the Report Items toolbox and dropping them on to the report design surface. In the first rectangle, drag and drop the image and four text boxes. We re going to embed the company logo in the report. Embedding an image is a two step process. First, you need to embed the logo in the report by setting the EmbeddedImages
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Introducing Identification, Authentication, and Authorization
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You are now ready to transfer the files onto your server. Using your FTP software, upload all the WordPress files to you web server, storing them in the folder you decided on earlier, as shown in Figure 14-4. This folder will be the one your hosting company told you is the place to put your web pages or a subfolder. You may need to create the folder first, if it does not already exist. Next, on the server, rename the dothtaccess.txt file you uploaded to .htaccess a leading period (or full stop), followed by the name htaccess with no extension. This is a special file that will be used later to give some special instructions to the Apache web server software.
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Understanding XML Documents
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Installing and Activating the Plug-In
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To-Do List Portlet Example
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