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Adding New Rows
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Try It Out: Creating a Simple Console Application Using the SQL Server Data Provider
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The portlet lists the locales it supports in its portlet.xml portlet deployment descriptor.
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you can put a soft rubber band around the part of the tweezer you hold with your fingers. Then, the rubber band will keep the tweezers closed holding your part so that you can more easily maneuver it around the board.
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There are three required portlet modes: VIEW, EDIT, and HELP All portals must . support these modes, but portlets have to support only the VIEW mode. The VIEW mode is the default mode that the portlet will render content for. Portlets should use the VIEW mode for their typical behavior, such as displaying the weather. Because the default portlet mode for a portlet when it is first loaded is VIEW, any content will have to be in the VIEW mode. If your portlet needs to display content that would normally be in the EDIT portlet mode when it first loads, you should just display it as normal. Our weather portlet would use the EDIT mode to allow the user to put in a different location, or to change the display to show a seven-day weather forecast. The EDIT mode should be used to provide a way to change the settings for the portlet s display or business logic. The HELP portlet mode may be used to give the end user help content about the portlet. The HELP mode could display a single HTML file with some help, or it could be the entry into a more sophisticated help system with an index, a search engine, or other advanced features.
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To run this sample, you also have to change the client to create a new Customer object and let the server validate it. static void Main(string[] args) { HttpChannel channel = new HttpChannel(); ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(channel);
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Figure 6-11. The <security-constraint> XML Schema
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By data services, I mean a class of products that enable remoting and messaging over AMF and protocols like Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP). RTMP is a proprietary protocol developed by Adobe Systems for streaming audio, video, and data over the Internet. More information on RTMP can be found on Wikipedia at and at As mentioned, there are two data services implementations from Adobe and a few open source alternatives. Following are the most popular ones:
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When the PrintPage event fires, what will be printed is determined by the PrintPageEventArgs.PageVisual property. You can either set the PageVisual property to a UIElement contained within your XAML content, or you can construct your own XAML content dynamically and set that content to the PageVisual. Let s walk through two exercises, one for each of these options.
Managing Resource Bundles
NOTE The authors created a web site for this book at We will have interesting articles, sample portlets, and more information about upcoming portal standards and APIs.
Putting It Together
The <portlet-name> element is required for the portlet. Each portlet s name in the portlet application has to be unique. This name should not contain any spaces or non-web-friendly special characters. The <display-name> element provides a human-readable name for portal administration tools. It is optional. The class name of the portlet belongs in the <portlet-class> element, which takes a fully qualified Java class name, as shown here:
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