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4. Insert an instance variable of type Images into Form1.vb:
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8. Finally, you can test your code. Build and run the web project as shown in Figure 9-4.
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The map is now complete, as shown in Figure 3 8.
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Note that this has the unnatural effect of instantly moving the paddle to any position (left-right) that the player places his finger. This is something that certainly should be corrected in a final version. But since later you will be using a potentiometer in your game controller to position the paddle, this won t really matter. The potentiometer is a linear device unlike your finger. For example, to get to position 128 from position 1, the potentiometer has to go through positions 2, 3, 4, , all the way until it gets to 128. This is different than your finger that you can simply lift off of position 1 and bring it down on any position you want. The last method to discuss is actually the first method to execute. You set up the viewDidLoad method to initialize your game when the player starts it by tapping the icon from the iPhone springboard. It loads up the four images you need for the paddle so they can be quickly changed, displays the name of the game in the playing area, sets up the sounds, initializes the scores to 0-0, sets the initial status to NOT_STARTED, positions the ball for the first serve, and finally sets up the NSTimer to run the game.
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Security Package Negotiate
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a.AssignedTo = AssignedTo.Get(context); a.Status = "Assigned"; a.DateDue = DateTime.Now + TimeSpan.FromDays(5); PersistAssignment persist = context.GetExtension<PersistAssignment>(); persist.AddAssignment(context.WorkflowInstanceId, a, "Insert"); } } }
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Figure 5-4. Selecting our data type 7. The final major item when creating a column within a table is the Allow Nulls check box option. If you don t check the box, some sort of data must be placed in this column. Leaving the check box in the default state will allow NULL values in the column, which is not recommended if the data is required (name, order number, etc.). You can also allow NULLs for numeric columns, so instead of needing to enter a zero, you can just skip over that column when it comes to entering the data. In this instance, we want data to be populated within every row, so remove the check mark. 8. The Column Properties section for our column will now look like the screen shown in Figure 5-5. Take a moment to peruse this section. We can see the name, whether we are allowing NULLs, and the type of data we are storing. There will be changes to what is displayed depending on the data type chosen. 9. We want this column to be an identity column. If you have not already done so, within the Column Properties area expand the Identity Specification node, as we need to set the Is Identity property to Yes. This will set the Identity Increment to 1 and the Identity Seed to 1 as well, as shown in Figure 5-6. 10. It is now possible to add in a few more columns before we get to the next interesting item as in Figure 5-7. Go ahead and do so now. Not everybody will have more than a first name and last name, although some people may have initials. Therefore, we will allow NULL values for any initials they may have. We leave the box checked on the CustomerOtherInitials column, as shown in Figure 5-7. We also alter the length of this column to 10 characters, which should be more than enough. 11. We can now define our final columns, which you see in Figure 5-8. The last column will record when the account was opened. This can be done by setting the default value of the DateAdded column. The default value can be a constant value, the value from a function, or a value bound to a formula defined here. For the moment we will use a SQL Server function that returns the current date and time, GETDATE(), as shown in Figure 5-8. Then every time a row is added, it is not necessary for a value to be entered for this column, as SQL Server will put the date and time in for you.
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Note The web.config file contains many configuration sections. It isn t possible to cover every section
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Lines are drawn in XAML using the Line object. You specify the starting point of the line using its X1 and Y1 properties, and its endpoint using its X2 and Y2 properties. Note that these are not absolute coordinates, but relative to the container of the line. For example, if you have the line within a Canvas that has a top of 50 and a left of 50, and X1 and Y1 are both set to 50, then the line will start drawing from (100,100). The line itself can also have its Canvas.Top and Canvas.Left properties set to change its overall drawing position. Here s an example:
$taxonomy_terms: A list of term IDs, separated by a plus sign (+). For example, to view entries assigned to the taxonomy terms with IDs 4 and 9, you would use 4+9. The value all will show all terms. $duration: The number of days to display. Currently, only the table view observes this setting. For example, suppose you wanted to see all of the Men s Choir concerts and rehearsals for the five-day period December 14 to 19. Here s what the URL would look like: http://domain/ q=event/2005/12/14/table/1+2/10/5 This URL is built as follows: $year: 2005 $month: 12, for December $day: 14, the starting day $view_type: table $content_type: 1+2, which means Concert and Rehearsal, since these are flexinode 1 and flexinode 2 types $taxonomy_terms: 10, the taxonomy term for Men s Choir $duration: 5, for five days The result is a subset of the events shown in a tabular view, as illustrated in Figure 4-16.
Creating the Root Element
The Microsoft.XLANGs.Pipeline.XLANGPipelineManager class exposes an API for calling pipelines programmatically.
5 demonstrates how to invoke and include content from servlets and JSP pages. Session management, the creation and processing of HTML forms, and the portlet tag library are all addressed. We provide an example of a to-do list portlet to illustrate these techniques.
Looking at Web Forms
Stage 5: Choose a Language for Ubuntu
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