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DTDs are different. Table 10-3 shows several open source parsers you can use in conjunction with Lucene to index different file formats.
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If you now click Write to create a new post, you will see a new link labeled Insert Image in the top-right corner of the Write Post page, as shown in Figure 15-9.
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The portlet can write to its output stream, or its writer, but not both during one render request. For more on portlet response objects, see 4.
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Paradox. To access ODBC data sources using ADO, you use an OLE DB provider for ODBC (since ADO only works directly with OLE DB), thus adding more layers to an already multilayered model. With the multilayered data access model and the connected nature of ADO, you could easily end up sapping server resources and creating a performance bottleneck. ADO served well in its time, but ADO.NET has some great features that make it a far superior data access technology.
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Depending on your point of view, you could decide that the number of variants for the mechanics of a merge join is anything between one and five. Having decided on the number, you can then double it to represent the cases where the first data set can be acquired in presorted order for example, because of a convenient index and need not be fully instantiated before the second set is acquired. (Script no_sort.sql in the online code suite is an example that demonstrates how you can prove this point.)
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Template tags are small pieces of PHP code (typically one line of code) placed in your template. These tags do a variety of work. Here are just a few examples of what template tags can do: List the categories in your blog. This list includes links to make your blog display all the posts in each particular category. List your archives by month, by week, or individually. Create a calendar on your page, complete with links to stories for each day and links to move the visitor backwards and forwards through the history of your blog postings. Change the title of your web page based on the current story or current category. All these template tags produce XHTML, not colors, borders, or columns. In other words, the tags make the real content of your blog, marked up semantically, with meaning. The CSS applies the look to this page, adding the colors, positioning different elements into columns, and so on. This allows you to deliver the content in a number of ways without changing the content itself.
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[] expr :: expr [expr; ...; expr] [expr .. expr] [ for x in list ] expr @ expr
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With this definition, you could consider both desktop and web applications as your starting point. Currently, with only a few exceptions, the desktop and web technologies are disparate and are viewed as alternative paradigms for application deployment and distribution. Also, they are seen as satisfying completely different requirements. Desktop applications are suitable where high performance fat clients are desired, and web technologies are suitable where the application needs to be accessible to a large audience and flexible enough to be modified easily to keep up with changing requirements. Desktop applications are usually built using C, C++, Java, or the Microsoft alternatives (including C# .NET). They usually implement the two-tier client-server communication model. They often make use of native calls to the operating system and its hardware drivers. Although sometimes viewed as legacies, they thrive as heavy-duty office and enterprise applications. In the last few years, desktop applications have started leveraging the Internet and often connect to networks using the Internet protocols. Instant messaging clients and soft-phones are examples of such applications. Web applications, on the other hand, are built using a number of different technologies, programming paradigms, programming languages, and frameworks. However, they could be classified under two categories:
forget to deactivate it when you re finished. To do so, click All at the top of the filters list.
It s easy to be overwhelmed by the vast amount of options offered by the Administration panel. Here s a brief overview of the functionality of the Administration panel, accessed through the navigational links in the left pane.
[ [ [ [ [ [ [ ] }
Note As Singleton objects will be accessed by multiple threads at the same time, it s important that you
Web applications are applications built on the technology that powers the Web. The HTTP protocol and the associated programming paradigm are a prominent part of this technology set. In Java, the raw lowlevel HTTP and related infrastructure is abstracted out as a higher-level API and managed components. At the heart of this abstraction is the Servlet specification, which wraps HTTP methods and HTTP protocol handling in objects. Web applications written in Java are packaged with all assets, associated libraries, class files, and any other resources into a special archive file format: a web application archive (WAR). These WAR files are deployed on a servlet container or an application server (which contains a servlet container). Most data services, especially LCDS and BlazeDS, are web applications and exist as WAR files. The remoting gateway is a servlet, and data service elements are web components. A little later, in the section
Automatic generalization lifts the constraints implicit in types of the form #type to the nearest enclosing function or member definition. Flexible type constraints sometimes occur when you re working with sequence values. For example, consider the following two functions from the F# library: module Seq = ... val concat : seq<#seq<'T>> -> seq<'T> ... When implicit flexibility or arguments is taken into account, the signature of concat means that Seq.concat accepts a list of lists, or a list of arrays, or an array of lists, and so forth. For example: Seq.concat [ [1;2;3]; [4;5;6] ] Seq.concat [ [| 1;2;3 |]; [| 4;5;6 |] ]
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