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Implementing the IComparable interface allows strings to be used in all sorts of container classes where comparison is a requirement. For example, in 11, you ll see how to define a generic collection class that has a constraint indicating that any class used in the generic collection must implement IComparable. This allows the author of the generic class to assume certain functionality, such as the existence of the CompareTo method. The CompareTo method alone isn t rich enough to support all the factors that might be relevant in comparing strings in real-world code. Sometimes comparison must be case sensitive, other times comparison must be case insensitive. Additionally, comparison in some applications must be sensitive to culture, since alphabets and alphabetical order are dependent on locale. The CompareTo method also includes overloads that support comparison of substrings. There s also a CompareOrdinal method that is useful if the strings represent numbers and you want a comparison of the number.
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CHAPTER 19: Forensics
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The help system for SQL Server as a whole has been altered: you now have the ability to use not only the help installed on the computer, but also the online help; thus you have access to the most up-to-date information. Configure the help system through the Help node options shown in Figure 2-14.
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Figure 2-3. System databases
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Reporting Services Architecture from 5000 Feet
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As explained earlier in the chapter, in order for your properties to allow data binding, template binding, styling, and so on, they must be dependency properties. In addition to the dependency properties, you added two callback methods that will be called when the properties are updated. By naming convention, the CoolDownSeconds property has a DependencyProperty object named CoolDownSecondsProperty and a callback method of onCoolDownSecondsPropertyChanged(). So you need to watch out, or your names will end up very long, as they have here. 3. Add some private members to contain state information, as follows: namespace CoolDownButton { public class CoolDownButtonControl : Control { private FrameworkElement corePart; private bool isPressed, isMouseOver, isCoolDown; private DateTime pressedTime; ... } }
Figure 6-6. The XML message is displayed after invoking the web method. All right, now it s time to move on to our reporting project. Let s generate a report using the web service and consume it with the Windows Forms client.
To see how the XmlDataDocument class can be used, let s consider the following scenario: assume that you wish to develop a data-entry screen for the same Employees.xml file that we used earlier. The data-entry screen should be grid based and should allow the user to export the data as an HTML file. The HTML file can then be published in a web application. The preceding scenario calls for a DataSet to bind with the grid and it also calls for XSLT processing so that the data can be exported to HTML. In such cases, XmlDataDocument provides an effective solution. Let s see how. You need to develop a Windows application like the one shown in Figure 7-20.
This report is simple in nature; all it does is manually add report plotting data to a typed dataset and bind it to the report. As usual, you can build a project in a couple of ways (recall that if you have just one project in a solution, building the solution and building the project are the same): you can click the small, green play button in the main toolbox or press F5 on the keyboard to start the application in run-time mode. If all goes well, you should see the page in the default browser with a nice pie chart. The output should match Figure 9-8.
Filling the Entire Browser Window with Your Application
More options are contained in the Advanced section at the bottom of the Write Posts page, as shown in Figure 15-7.
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