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scroll.Controls.Add label cform.Show() exception SyntaxError let Parse s = let lex = Lexing.LexBuffer<char>.FromString s try ExprParser.expr ExprLexer.main lex with _ -> raise SyntaxError let NewStringExpression form s = try let e1 = Parse s let e2 = Utils.Simplify e1 let e3 = Utils.Differentiate "x" e2 let e4 = Utils.Simplify e3 NewExpression form s ["Original:", e1; "Simplified:", e2; "Derivative:", e3; "Simplified:", e4] with | SyntaxError -> let msg = Printf.sprintf "Syntax error in:\n%s" s NewExpressionError form msg | Failure msg -> NewExpressionError form msg let ConstructMainForm () = let form = new Form(Text="Symbolic Differentiation Example", IsMdiContainer=true, Visible=true, Height=600, Width=700) let label = new Label(Text="Enter function=", Width=100, Height=20) let tb = new TextBox(Width=150, Left=100) let panel = new Panel(Dock=DockStyle.Top, Height=tb.Height+50) let preview = new Panel(Dock=DockStyle.Bottom, BackColor=Color.White, Height=50, BorderStyle=BorderStyle.FixedSingle) panel.Controls.AddRange([|label; preview; tb |]) form.Controls.Add(panel) tb.KeyUp.Add (fun arg -> if arg.KeyCode = Keys.Enter then NewStringExpression form tb.Text tb.Text <- "" tb.Focus() |> ignore else try let e = Parse tb.Text UpdatePreview preview e with | _ -> ()) form let form = ConstructMainForm () NewStringExpression form "cos(sin(1/(x^2+1)))" Application.Run(form)
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Unlike the tools mentioned previously, there is no direct way to use profiler to know if disk I/O is the root cause for the issue you are trying to troubleshoot. There is no event category, event class, or data column that says check here for disk I/O problems. Compare this to wait types, where you can explicitly find if a query is waiting for disk and decide for yourself which method you would prefer in the middle of the night. While it is true that you can capture the reads, writes, and duration for queries, these elements alone are not going to tell you if disk I/O is the root cause of your issue. All they can do is point you to using additional tools to take a deeper dive into the trace results. For example, you may find a query with a high duration value but very low reads and writes. You cannot conclude that you have a potential disk I/O issue because that query may have a high duration simply due to the fact that it was a being blocked by other activity.
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public void AddNewLead(Lead l) { this.lstLeads.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke (new Action(() => this.lstLeads.Items.Add(l))); } private void lstLeads_SelectionChanged(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { if (lstLeads.SelectedIndex >= 0) { Lead l = (Lead)lstLeads.Items[lstLeads.SelectedIndex]; lblSelectedNotes.Content = l.Comments; lblSelectedNotes.Visibility = Visibility.Visible; if (l.Status == "Open") { lblAgent.Visibility = Visibility.Visible; txtAgent.Visibility = Visibility.Visible; btnAssign.Visibility = Visibility.Visible; } else { lblAgent.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden; txtAgent.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden; btnAssign.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden; } } else { lblSelectedNotes.Content = ""; lblSelectedNotes.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden; lblAgent.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden; txtAgent.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden; btnAssign.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden; } } private void btnAssign_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { if (lstLeads.SelectedIndex >= 0) { Lead l = (Lead)lstLeads.Items[lstLeads.SelectedIndex]; Guid id = l.WorkflowID; LeadDataDataContext dc = new LeadDataDataContext(_connectionString); dc.Refresh(RefreshMode.OverwriteCurrentValues, dc.Leads); l = dc.Leads.SingleOrDefault<Lead>(x => x.WorkflowID == id); if (l != null) { l.AssignedTo = txtAgent.Text; l.Status = "Assigned"; dc.SubmitChanges();
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Note The SqlDataAdapter class closes the connection automatically for us only if opened by
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CHAPTER 6: Mass Deployment
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Original Cost
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You will enhance the application user interface by adding a text box and a button control to the design surface of MainPage.xaml to make it look similar to Figure 10 2. 1. 2. Launch Visual Studio 2010 Express, and open the previously created Tasks project. Double-click MainPage.xaml in Solution Explorer, and add a text box and a button to the design surface, as shown in Figure 10 2. Clear the Text property of the text box, and set the button s caption to Launch Browser.
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You already know how our Employees.xml file looks. Our aim is to define the structure of the document by using the DTD and XSD standards so that you can validate the document later. The structure of Employees.xml is as follows:
This chapter surveyed a few topics that arise when you migrate a legacy HTML-based web application to RIA. First, you learned about possible migration candidates. Then you saw the challenges and benefits of different techniques that come into play. You also looked at a couple of framework-based applications refactored to utilize a Flex interface. A few things to keep in mind:
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