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Figure 1-16. Failed log on to server 10. We will now try out the other user we created. Close down SQL Server, log off Windows, and log on using the second ID we created VMcGlynn. Once logged in, start up SQL Server Management Studio and connect to your server. This time the login will work. We have created two usernames: one that has restricted access (AJMason), the other with administration rights (VMcGlynn). However, neither of these specific usernames exist within SQL Server itself: after all, we haven t entered them and they haven t appeared as if by magic. So why did one succeed and one fail The Windows security model has ensured that both IDs are valid. If the ID or password were incorrect, there is no way that you could be logged in to Windows. Therefore, when you try to connect to SQL Server, the only check that is performed is whether the user has access to SQL Server either via membership of an operating system group or through the specific logged-in user account. As you can see in Figure 1-17, neither AJMason nor VMcGlynn exist.
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Once you are satisfied with the examiners you have created, you will want to set up your first case. Click the Cases button in the toolbar, and click the plus (+) sign to create a case for the investigation you will be conducting (see Figure 19 5).
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Charts are useful, because they present a quick visual summary of data. Calc produces charts through a step-by-step wizard, so it becomes very easy indeed. Here are the steps:
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How It Works
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System.Data.Odbc System.Data.OleDb System.Data.OracleClient System.Data.SqlClient System.Data.SqlServerCe
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In a rich editor such as Visual Studio, you can easily find out more about the functionality of .NET libraries by hovering your mouse over the identifiers in your source code. For example, if you hover over Dock in textB.Dock, you see the XML help shown here:
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.NET Typed Accessor
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Once you ve selected your service and placed it on either the file system or your local IIS, Visual Studio will create the project files and open the editor. You ll notice a new file type, with the .svc extension. As you can probably guess, this is a service. The SVC file structure is a lot like the base ASMX file that we saw earlier. It simply defines the language, the debug mode, the service class, and the location of the code-behind. Here s an example:
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Deleting Stored Procedures
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Many sites in the phpBB community offer prefabricated themes free for downloading. These themes range from simplistic to elaborate, and everything in between. If you don t have the time to do customizations or are unfamiliar with HTML and CSS coding, consider downloading and installing a theme package. While I heartily recommend going for the gusto and giving your phpBB board a full styling treatment, complete with integration with the rest of your web site, operating with a downloaded theme is still better than running with the stock subSilver look. Finding themes for phpBB is just as easy as finding modifications for it. In fact, a lot of the same sites that offer modifications also offer themes for free download. Some of these sites may be quite familiar to you, especially after 11. Here are three sources that I recommend: phpBB.com Styles: At this site (http://www.phpbb.com/styles/), you can find and get demos of more than 100 categorized styles, and it also has support forums. Additionally, you can find documentation for creating your own styles and a full listing of the default template variables phpBB offers (discussed in the next section). phpBBHacks.com Templates: This site (http://www.phpbbhacks.com/templates.php) also offers a copious number of templates available for download, with support included. You can also use phpBBHacks.com to acquire graphics for your forums, such as rank images.
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Figure 23-3. Any words you re going to use frequently, but which Writer doesn t recognize, can be added to your personal dictionary.
Account tab: As during initial installation (see 5), you re invited to enter a username as well as a real name. The username is how the user is identified to the system, while the real name is how the user will be identified to other users. Beneath this, you can select the profile you want the user to have Administrator, Desktop User, or Unprivileged. Users with the Administrator profile can use sudo or gksu to administer the system. Although Desktop Users can t use these commands, they do have access to most other system resources. The Unprivileged profile removes access to virtually all resources, including external storage devices. Effectively, this is a lockdown account, although such users are still allowed to go online. For most users, the Desktop User profile is a good choice. Below the Profile setting, you can optionally enter contact information. In the Password area, an initial password for the user is required. You can enter it in the text box (and confirm it below) or let the system generate a random password from letters and numbers, but this may be harder for the user to remember. User Privileges: The settings on this tab offer much more control over what a user can and cannot do on the system. Here, you can prevent users from using certain hardware, such as scanners or modems. You can also control whether the user is able to administer the system. Simply put a check alongside any relevant boxes. Advanced: Here, you can alter additional settings if you wish. If you re not sure about these parameters, it s best to leave the default settings alone. You might like to change the main group for the user. By default, the user will belong to a newly created group based on the user s own username. For example, if you add the user john, he will be added to the group john. This private group approach enforces a more stringent policy regarding personal file access. Alternatively, you could create a single group and assign several users to that group for file-sharing purposes. We ll discuss adding and removing groups in the next section.
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