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So what, exactly, is an SMS The exact representation can vary depending on the carrier, technology, and message configuration. As shown in Figure 4-2, all SMS messages contain a section of SMS headers and a 140-octet payload. The headers control things like the recipient address, delivery confirmation settings, validity intervals, and so on; other than the recipient, third-party developers usually cannot access these. The payload, however, is very standard. If it was not, then messages between carriers would not be compatible. An octet is a collection of 8 bits most humans would call this a byte. Using the word octet emphasizes that these bits can be arranged in nonstandard configurations. SMS messages are often encoded using US-ASCII or GSM 7-bit character schemes, which allows 160 characters to fit within the 140 octets. If sending binary data, 140 bytes are available. If recipients use Eastern or Arabic languages, messages can be sent in 16-bit Unicode, allowing 70 characters. Sometimes, extra routing or metadata that is not part of the SMS headers must be added to the SMS payload. For example, if sending to an email address, that address must be included in the payload, reducing the available number of characters.
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PIM pim = PIM.getInstance(); BlackBerryContactList contacts = (BlackBerryContactList) pim .openPIMList(PIM.CONTACT_LIST, PIM.READ_WRITE); PIMItem selected = contacts.choose(); if (selected != null) { if (selected instanceof Contact) { Contact selectedContact = (Contact)selected; if (selectedContact.countValues(Contact.EMAIL) > 0) { // Process the selection here. } } }
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After you finish the steps illustrated in Figure 2-1, you ll see the report added to the project, and the report designer window will open for you to start development. Figure 2-2 to shows the report designer layout.
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The Toolbox is the pane that contains all the controls the IDE knows about that you can use to build web pages. If you want to add a textbox, label, WebParts, login controls, or data controls, they are all grouped here in the Toolbox, as shown in Figure 2-8.
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Style Sheets and the User Experience
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In this section, we will be writing C# code that will handle the button click event that will populate the TextBlock named textBlock1 with hello World! 1. To add behavior to the OK button, double-click the OK button on the Design surface of your project. Visual Studio will display MainPage.xaml.cs where you can see the btnOk_Click method is automatically added. You will add proper code in the next step to handle the button click event.
It is guaranteed that your init() method will be called only once at the beginning of the life cycle and that no other methods will be invoked by the container until init() completes successfully, so your init() method does not have to be thread safe. Your render() and processAction() methods will be invoked with request and response objects. These are guaranteed to be unique to that invocation of the method during the lifetime of the method. Containers are likely to recycle these objects once the method in question has completed, so retaining a reference to them outside the scope of the method to which they were passed may result in unexpected behavior.
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