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Gathering the Data
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Clear screen (everything above current line) Undo everything since last command1 Undo changes made to the line2 Undo deletion of word or line caused by using Ctrl+K, Ctrl+W, and so on3 Lowercase current word (from the cursor to end of word)
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One important use of indexes is on referential constraints within a table. If you recall from 3, a referential constraint is where you ve indicated that through the use of a key, certain actions are constrained depending on what data exists. To give a quick example of a referential constraint, say you have a customer who owns banking products. A referential constraint would prevent the customer s record from being deleted while those products existed. SQL Server does not automatically create indexes on your foreign keys. However, as the foreign key column values need to be identified by SQL Server when joining to the parent table, it is almost always recommended that an index be created on the columns of the foreign key.
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How It Works
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Figure 3-10. Vertical Scrollbar message
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In the example, you have a Label component to display some text and you tie the text property of the component to a value variable using data binding. This means the value variable is the source and the text property is the destination, and you are tying the two together using the braces syntax in the MXML code. Now let s say you change the value of the bindable source object during runtime, the text property, which is the destination property, will change as well.
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A Richer Language of Algebraic Expressions
$ netstat * $ nice
Note The styles selector is visible only in the Advanced theme.
Once stopped, let s verify that diskarbitration is no longer running using ps aux. Once you have completed your tasks and want to re-enable disk arbitration, you can restart it using the start option in launchctl:
After clicking OK and confirming the underlying dialog box, you can proceed to add nodes to your cluster. To do so, you need to specify a future node s IP address, click Connect, select a LAN interface on the node, and click Next as illustrated in Figure 9-7.
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