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NOTE: We spend much of this chapter discussing how to fine-tune your browser for security purposes, but we should mention that downloading and installing software from questionable sources, such as BitTorrent web sites, for example, is dangerous, and could damage your computer. It s very hard to determine the origin of the software, and there is no guarantee the software won t perform nefarious tasks on your machine. Keep this in mind when downloading software from these unknown sources.
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Listing 11-5. CommandParameters.vb Imports System Imports System.Data Imports System.Data.SqlClient Module CommandParameters Sub Main() 'set up rudimentary data Dim fname As String = "Zachariah" Dim lname As String = "Zinn" 'create connection Dim conn As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection _ ("Data Source=.\sqlexpress;" & _ "Integrated Security=True;" & _ "database=northwind") 'define scalar query Dim sqlqry As String = "select count(*)from employees" 'define insert statement Dim sqlins As String = "insert into employees " & _ "(firstname,lastname)values(@fname,@lname)" 'define delete statement Dim sqldel As String = "delete from employees " & _ "where firstname = @fname " & _ "and lastname = @lname" 'create commands Dim cmdqry As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand(sqlqry, conn) Dim cmdnon As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand(sqlins, conn) cmdnon.Prepare() 'add parameters to the command for statements cmdnon.Parameters.Add("@fname", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 10) cmdnon.Parameters.Add("@lname", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 20) Try 'Open connection conn.Open() 'execute query to get number of employees Console.WriteLine("Before INSERT: Number of employees {0}" _ , cmdqry.ExecuteScalar()) generate barcode rdlc
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <s:Application xmlns:fx=""
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Specifying Namespaces While Constructing Elements
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CHAPTER 5: Cryptography
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In a number of deployments Entourage simply will not work, even though Outlook Web Access will authenticate users. To resolve this, we often use a series of Windows PowerShell commands. PowerShell is the command-line scripting language used for Windows Server 2008 and Exchange Server 2007 environments. To start off, we ll get a list of all of the virtual directories using the Get-OwaVirtualDirectory cmdlet without any operators:
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CHAPTER 9: RIM Security
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Read,Write, & Execute rwx
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