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1. Select Tools Customize from the menu bar. 2. In the Customize dialog box, select the Menus tab at the top left. 3. Choose which menu you wish to customize from the Menu drop-down list. 4. Select the position where you wish the new function to appear on the menu, by
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NOTE: You can use the -filechecksum and - nostream options with the imagescan verb. The flags will, respectively, calculate checksums on a per-file basis and bypass reordering of the files for multicast. 10.5 and later require images to be scanned to be restored using Disk Utility, however asr can disable the check using the -noverify option from the command line. This is obviously never a best practice but will save time if you are testing. To perform a unicast restore, run the asr command along with the restore verb from a host with access to both the DMG file from which you re restoring and the hard disk to which you re restoring. You can define the source and --target as paths to files (tab autocomplete might just be your best friend if there as many spaces in your paths as in
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Let s put a button control on Form1. Why do we need the button Well, I d like to use this button in the same way as the Invoke button that you saw earlier in this chapter. The code behind this button will invoke the web service and save the result as a PDF file. All right, are you ready to create our Invoke button Please make sure Form1 is open in design mode. If it is not, you can easily do this by double-clicking Form1 in Solution Explorer. Drag a button from the main toolbox and drop it onto the Form1 design surface. You ll see that a new button called button1 will be added to Form1. Please change the Text property of button1 from button1 to Invoke. Now, we are ready to write some C# code to invoke the web method and save the result as a PDF file. Please make sure the code behind Form1.cs looks like the following: using using using using using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.ComponentModel; System.Data; System.Drawing; System.Text; System.Windows.Forms; System.IO;
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There are several bugs listed on MetaLink relating to anti-joins in 9i, typically reported as fixed in 10.2. Generally these bugs are of the wrong results category, so be a little cautious about execution plans that report antijoins. It s worth getting a list of the current bugs with their rediscovery information just in case.
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<Canvas> <Button Width="100" Content="Click Me!" Canvas.Top="10" Canvas.Left="13" /> </Canvas>
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data with a server or another program, you should check to make sure both parties can share data successfully.
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Listing 7-19. Using Separate Sender and Receiver Classes // sender_receiver.cpp using namespace System; // This class generates an event. ref class EventSender { public: event EventHandler^ MyEvent; void Fire(EventArgs^ args) { // Raise event for starting this function. MyEvent(this, args); } };
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Ubuntu includes the Video for Linux project, an extension to the Linux kernel to allow many popular TV and video-capture cards to work. You can find out if yours is compatible by opening a terminal window (Applications Accessories Terminal) and typing gstreamer-properties. In the dialog box that appears, click the Video tab, and click the Test button in the Default Input part of the window. If you see a video window without an error message, then your TV card is compatible. If you receive an error message, then your card probably isn t compatible.
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Okay, I ve really got to be getting near the end with a section title like this. In truth, most of your processes can be handled by writing down everything in a decent composition book. However, there are a couple of things I want to mention that I ve learned by going through the complete cycle of accessory development. First, you re probably going to need a way to wire money from your bank account. I know you re thinking credit cards or even bank checks, but trust me on this. Some of the parts you re going to need will come from overseas distributors. They will generally only take payment by wire transfer. Some will, if you have established business credit, open an account for you. Then, you ll get a bill every month (that you make purchases) for the net due. If you don t have a business that s been around at least a year and with good credit (business credit), expect that you ll need to make wire transfers. Like everything else, wire transfers cost money a wiring fee. It could range from as low as twenty to as high as seventy dollars. If you only make one purchase, then a higher fee isn t too big of a deal. Expect to make at least two to four purchases so look for a good rate on wires. Another thing to consider is the ease of which you can make a transfer happen. Most banks offer online banking, some with wire transfer capability. If you re comfortable using online financial services then this could be a good way to go. Otherwise, you ll have to make a trip to your bank each time you need to make a parts purchase. Remember that composition book You really need to keep up to the minute records of your expenses. Here s a scenario; you get a set of boards back from your manufacturer and they don t work. You drop everything and find the problem. You forgot to include a line from your processor chip to another part of the board. It s an easy fix, but it ll cost
{ if (crStream != null) crStream.Close(); if (memStream != null) memStream.Close(); if (aes != null) aes.Clear(); } }
Figure 4-9. Using the LIKE operator with _
CHAPTER 16: Server Security
Figure 5-41. Changing the Mail clustering setting
XML Serialization
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