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Note Ensure that the FROM DISK option is all on one line. Also recall that FILE = 3 may be FILE = 2
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HTML code without needing to worry about escaping quotation marks or concatenating strings a fact that greatly improves the readability of template files over PHP functions that do the same thing.
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Open the Window1.xaml file, right-click the LookupBook2 activity, and select Cut. Drag a Pick activity onto the workflow. Right-click the Trigger section of the first branch and choose Paste. Drag a Delay activity to the Trigger section of the second branch. Set its Duration property to TimeSpan.FromSeconds(5). Drag a WriteLine activity to each of the Action sections and set their Text properties to The service completed and The service timed-out . The workflow should look like the one shown in Figure 10-25.
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O NE OF THE MOST COMMON uses of a portal is to provide an interface to content management systems (CMSs). Some users may need to get information from the CMS, while others may need to create content. Many portals integrate with a CMS from the same vendor sometimes the portal ships with the CMS, and in other cases it is a separate product. If you do not have a vendor-supplied integrated solution, you will probably need to develop one using the portlet API and a CMS API. In this chapter, we discuss the Java Content Repository API (JSR 170), and the WebDAV protocol. We also build a portlet that uses WebDAV to connect to a content store in this case, the open source CMS Apache Slide (http://jakarta.apache.org/ slide). Our portlet should work with any WebDAV server, so you can use your own CMS if it supports WebDAV.
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s Note SQOs are a collection of methods that form the LINQ pattern. SQO methods operate on sequences,
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The Taxonomy module is responsible for categories. The Taxonomy module is far more than a means for tagging blog posts. It is a full API for modules and programmers to leverage all types of relationships and classifications of content. On its own, it provides categories for content, including simple lists, hierarchical categories, and free tagging. The Taxonomy module is extended by numerous contributed modules and even some core modules. The Forum module, for example, requires the Taxonomy module. 2 covers the use and configuration of the Taxonomy module.
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[Before] public function runBeforeEveryTest():void { // implement } [After] public function runAfterEveryTest():void { // implement }
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int length = personNodes.getLength(); Person person; Node personNode; for (int i=0; i<length; i++) { personNode = personNodes.item(i); person = new Person(); person.setId(getIntegerValue(personNode, "id")); person.setFirstName(getStringValue (personNode, "firstName")); person.setLastName(getStringValue (personNode, "lastName")); person.setCountry(getStringValue (personNode, "country")); } } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } return list; } private String getStringValue(Node node, String name) { return ((Element) node).getElementsByTagName (name).item(0).getFirstChild().getNodeValue(); } private int getIntegerValue(Node node, String name) { return Integer.parseInt(getStringValue(node, name) ); } }
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Everything lying between the database and the user interface is termed the middle tier. So choosing a single strategy to preserve this varied set of software artifacts would be overambitious. To make it more specific, let s separately consider the middle tier in two contrasting environments: Java EE and PHP.
Software such as the GNOME desktop actually consists of a number of programs and system libraries, rather than one single piece of software. Therefore, you might be wondering how, as just one example, you might install the KDE desktop under Ubuntu 8.04. Is it necessary to install each component s package manually In theory, dependency management should be able to help, and you should be able to select one key part of the KDE desktop system, such as the Konqueror file browser, and have the Synaptic Package Manager take care of the rest. After all, Konqueror will be dependent on other KDE packages. Alas, this rarely works in reality. Installing Konqueror in this way will indeed install much of the KDE desktop suite, but not everything. Konqueror isn t reliant on Kate, for example, which is the default text editor under KDE. And although the packages will be installed, there s no guarantee that they ll be configured to work correctly as a desktop environment. Metapackages provide the solution. These are packages that contain configuration files to ensure the full range of software is installed and configured correctly, and they also have extensive lists of dependencies that include the complete set of packages for the software in question. (The metapackage for KDE is kdebase, but if you want the full Kubuntu experience, you should install the kubuntu-desktop metapackage.) Alongside desktop suites, other examples of Ubuntu metapackages include the OpenOffice.org office suite, where the metapackage ensures all the components of the suite can be easily installed, and the X.org graphical subsystem. To see what metapackages are available, simply search for metapackage using the Synaptic Package Manager.
To test that the MDS is working properly, click the Browser icon within the BlackBerry simulator and enter the URL of your favorite web page. You should see it load in this window, similarly to how it would look on an actual device. Now you are ready to debug your app. Double-click the side of the Java editing window on line 46, at the line that starts with http = (HttpConnection). A blue breakpoint marker should appear here, as shown in Figure 1-9. Launch your application. The simulator will freeze. You may get a prompt in Eclipse asking if you d like to open the Debug perspective. Answer Yes here, and check Remember my decision.
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