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Simple Ajax and ASP.NET Example
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It is important to remember that the sort_area_size and sort_area_retained_size represent limits on memory allocation. You may still hear the suggestion from time to time that a session acquires the amount of memory defined by sort_area_size as it starts. This is not true. The memory is only allocated as needed for sorting, and even then it is only allocated a bit at a time, not all at once. The same error has also been made about the pga_aggregate_target. There have been a couple of articles stating that the whole of the pga_aggregate_target is actually acquired by the instance at instance startup. This is completely incorrect. First, the parameter is simply a number that is used for accounting purposes (and you can go over budget); secondly, the memory is never acquired by the instance, it is acquired and released by individual processes only as and when needed.
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Now let s look at some examples of protocols that govern communications between the iPhone and external accessories. Let s start with a real-world example of a credit card reader. In Figure 2 2, you see the bi-directional link between the iPhone and your credit card reader. In normal operation, the user starts the application and selects the items that his customer is interested in purchasing. Once the total of all the items is determined, he attaches the card reader to the 30-pin dock connector of the iPhone. For the moment, let s disregard all the setup that is performed between the iPhone and the card reader so you can focus on the nominal operation of the card reader. Normally, most of the information will travel from the card reader to the iPhone, and contains all the data from one or both tracks of the magnetic stripe on the customer s card. Let s make this a little bit clearer and say that you are sending the card number, the cardholder s name, and the expiration date of the card. The app needs this information to complete the transaction. Additionally, the application can normally start diagnostics on the card reader to determine if it is functioning correctly. Finally, the card reader may contain diagnostic indicators such as LEDs that can be controlled from the iPhone to verify an operational connection.
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Try It Out: Deleting Records
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Figure 14-3. Second operation rolled back
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# which will cause the test below to fail with the error: # "line 17: [: -ge: unary operator expected" if [ $CONSOLE_USERS -ge 1 ] ; then echo "Console user logged in, exiting " exit 1 else echo "No console users, we can go to town..." # Your code goes here fi
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CurrentStateChanged: This will fire when the state of the MediaElement has changed. The state may be read using the CurrentState property. The possible states are Buffering, Closed, Error, Opening, Paused, Playing, and Stopped. DownloadProgressChanged: If you are playing back a media file that isn t being
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White Space Handling
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Figure 11-2. Report Manager view of the Trial Balance report
Figure 7-17. Configuring prerequisites for ClickOnce applications You can configure the bootstrapper to install one or more of the components from the list or specify a custom component at a specific location. To configure the bootstrapper to install a custom component, select the Download Prerequisites from the Following Location radio button, and then click the Browse button. This opens a dialog box that allows you to choose a location from the local file system, a local Web server, an FTP site, or a remote Web site, as shown in Figure 7-18.
.NET Asynchronous Operation
Please note that you should not run any real Web sites on the same virtual roots, as their performance usually depends on this setting. For remoting applications, the only drawback on a LAN environment is a small performance degradation of around 2 msecs per remote procedure call. Given the gained advantage of scalability, higher throughput, and higher availability, this is usually by a magnitude worth it.
Using the forum s search function also has the advantage of searching the archives of the mailing lists. Mailing lists have a number of advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that a mailing list provides an excellent way to learn about Ubuntu. All you have to do is read through the e-mail messages you receive in order to partake of a constant information drip-feed. In addition, some mailing lists are designed to make public announcements, so you ll find it easy to learn about the latest happenings in the Ubuntu community. Mailing lists also have a terrific sense of community. They offer a neat way of getting to know other Ubuntu users and talking to them. E-mails often drift off topic into humor and general discussion. The disadvantages of mailing lists are that you can easily receive in excess of 200 messages a day, depending on which mailing list you join. Even if you have a moderately fast Internet connection, that quantity of messages can take a long time to download. In addition, you ll need to sort out any personal or business e-mail from the enormous quantity of mailing list traffic (although the mailing list messages usually have the list title in square brackets in the subject field; you can therefore create a mail rule that sorts the mail according to this). You can sign up to the Ubuntu mailing lists at https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/ listinfo/ubuntu-users.
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