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Table 8-2. Client-facing Registry Queries (continued)
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' Execute stored procedure cmd.ExecuteNonQuery() Catch ex As System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException Dim str As String = "Source: " & ex.Source str &= ControlChars.NewLine str &= "Number: " & ex.Number.ToString() str &= ControlChars.NewLine str &= "Message: " & ex.Message str &= ControlChars.NewLine str &= "Class: " & ex.Class.ToString() str &= ControlChars.NewLine str str str str str &= &= &= &= &= "Procedure: " & ex.Procedure.ToString() ControlChars.NewLine "Line Number: " & ex.LineNumber.ToString() ControlChars.NewLine "Server: " & ex.Server.ToString()
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// // Starting position of the ball. // Roughly the center of the table // #define BALL_STARTING_X 160.0 #define BALL_STARTING_Y 220.0 // // defines the performance // of the computer player. // higher number equals better // computer player // #define COMP_REACTION_TIME 15 // // COMP_SETUP_TIME is a variable // that also determines computer // performance. In general, it adjusts // how soon the computer reacts by // adding y-position info to the // check of where the ball is. // #define COMP_SETUP_TIME 40 // // WALL_MARGIN adds a delta distance // from the edges of the wall to check // when to "bounce" the ball. If it were // not added, then the ball might look like // it went "into" the wall before bouncing. // #define WALL_MARGIN 5 @implementation pongViewController // // Use @synthesis to create all the // necessary getters and setters // @synthesize ball; @synthesize playerPaddle; @synthesize compPaddle; @synthesize @synthesize @synthesize @synthesize @synthesize @synthesize ballSpeed; status; playerPaddleLeft; playerPaddleLeftUp; playerPaddleRight; playerPaddleRightUp;
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Try It Out: DATENAME()
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CHAPTER 5: Cryptography
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Adding the RSS Feed
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Burning CDs Using Ubuntu
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At this point, it is good practice to run the application to make sure that the database is set up correctly and the application is running properly. It should work just like the solution from the previous chapter.
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Each command usually has help built in, which you can query (a little like typing / after a command when using DOS). This will explain what the command does and how it should be used. In most cases, you ll see an example of the command in use, along with the range of command options that can be used with it. For example, you can get some instant help on the ifconfig command by typing this:
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How It Works
public function playTrack(songUrl:String, songLength:Number=0):void { // needs to implement }
Possible CLS-Compliant Alternatives
Firewall Actions
attempt to do this using System.Threading.Thread.Abort(), but using this method may have many unintended consequences, discussed later in this chapter.
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