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Print QR Code in visual basic Figure 4-9. The console output window of Visual Studio 2005

SQLServer:Buffer Manager
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DeployStudio is similar to the now-retired NetRestore, a commonly used free application that leveraged NetBoot and ASR to create a nicely automated mass-deployment system, if perhaps a rather utilitarian interface. NetRestore s killer feature was the ability to pack everything into a decent Graphical Interface and its ability to be extended on the fly with user contributed scripts and packages, combined with the ability to deploy software packages and scripts easily. Luckily, while bombich s netrestore was widely deployed, Deploy studio is more the fully featured effective replacement. In fact, DeployStudio far surpasses even Netrestores ease of use for entry level admins. Additionally, DeployStudio is written in a much more capable language known as Cocoa, which allows DeployStudio to look and feel like a rival to even some Apple tools. DeployStudio, like all modern imaging tools for Mac OS X, automates the setup of ASR and a number of other technologies described previously. It uses a series of automations, called Workflows (similar to those in System Image Utility, but without the raw Automator-style interface), to set up an automation routine. Example workflows include partitioning a disk, deploying a master image, installing numerous post-imaging packages, and perhaps, to end the process, performing a Directory Service Binding
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Physical Separation of Layers
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Right-click NotepadDB from the Object Explorer window, and from the context menu choose New Query. You will be executing SQL scripts in the query window in order to create tables in NotepadDB. To the newly opened query window, enter or cut and paste the following database script.
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From a technical perspective, a portal provides a solution for aggregating content and applications from various systems for presentation to the end user. The users do not need to know how the content or functionality is provided; they just want to enjoy the benefits of a single web site and all of its services. Typically, a portal has an integrated user interface and an SSO approach for security. The software developer s job is to take all of the systems that provide these services and add interfaces to them to work with the portal. Portlets are the individual components displayed in the portal. Prior to the introduction of the standardized portlet API, portlets had to be custom-developed for each portal server because the API was different for each server. The leading portal vendors joined to create a standard to promote portal technology. Inside the Java Community Process (JCP), the name of the standard for the first version of the Java portlet API is JSR 168. Future versions of the portlet API will have different JSR numbers. One of the problems for the designer or architect in charge of the portal project is that the existing systems do not always separate cleanly into presentation and business logic layers. Also, consider portal security and personalization when examining existing applications. In this book, we port an existing web application into a portlet application, so you can learn from some of our portlet integration problems. New software projects that integrate with the portal can use a servicesoriented architecture with exposed web services, a stand-alone web application, or a portlet. Portal projects have two major technical components designed in parallel: application architecture and information architecture. Both of these will flow from business requirements, and they require an integrated approach. If the portal applications do not support the common information architecture, the users will have a substandard experience. We discuss creating an information architecture for a portal environment in the next section.
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namespace VersionedSAO { public class SomeSAO: MarshalByRefObject { public String getSAOVersion() { return "Called Version SAO"; } } } After compilation, you have to put the assembly in the GAC using gacutil.exe /i, as shown in Figure 8-8.
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The term Windows Phone Chrome refers to two areas on the device screen, one at the top and the other at its bottom, as illustrated in Figure 9 1. The System Tray is one of two primary components of Windows Phone Chrome; the Application Bar is the other. The System Tray is the top portion of Windows Phone Chrome and contains several indicators that display system-level status information. The System Tray displays the following icons, left to right, in the order listed here. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Signal strength Data connection Call forwarding Roaming Wireless network signal strength Bluetooth status Ringer mode Input status Battery power level
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Session State
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Versioning Concepts for Serialized Types
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The next advanced feature is the Excerpt box, where you can write your own excerpt to describe your post to people browsing feeds. When a reader subscribes to one of the XML feeds available from your blog RSS, Atom, or RDF one of the pieces of information provided as part of that feed is a description, along with the title, date, and so on. This is usually an excerpt of the post content. By default, WordPress will create that excerpt for you by stripping all the tags from your post and extracting the first 250 or so characters. Often, this will be sufficient for most people s needs. Sometimes, however, the opening sentence or two from your post isn t really a good description of what it is about. It s kind of like the difference between the blurb on the back of a paperback novel and the opening two sentences. If you want to make sure that people browsing the latest feeds will want to visit your blog and read your posts, you should write the excerpt yourself. Think of it as a targeted summary of the post that may additionally improve your site s search engine visibility, as discussed at the end of this chapter.
This code is a bit different from what you ve written earlier. When the call to the GetSchemaTable method is made, a populated instance of a data table is returned: 'store Employees schema in a data table Dim schema As DataTable = rdr.GetSchemaTable You can use a data table to represent a complete table in a database, either in the form of a table that represents its schema or in the form of a table that holds all its original data for offline use. In this example, once you grab hold of a schema table, you retrieve a collection of rows through the Rows property of DataTable and a collection of columns through the Columns property of DataTable. (You can use the Rows property to add a new row into the table altogether or remove one, and you can use the Columns property for adding or deleting an existing column we ll cover this in 13.) Each row returned by the table describes one column in the original table, so for each of these rows, you traverse through the column s schema information one by one, using a nested For Each loop:
The features available in Server Preferences are minimal and it is highly likely that any substantial user base will require far more configuration. As usual, you can also use Server Admin to configure the Mail Server, with much more granularity.
A theme consists of two or more files. At the very least, it requires a CSS style sheet named style.css and a PHP template named index.php. The style sheet must contain a specially formatted comment at the beginning of the file. This comment identifies meta-information about the theme, such as a name and description for the theme, version number, URL for the theme, and so on. Figure 16-6 shows this comment for the WordPress Default theme. The PHP file contains the HTML and WordPress tags to display your content. This file contains what WordPress calls The Loop, which is a fairly short but important piece of PHP code that is the heart of your blog page. This code displays the title and contents of your blog posts, as well as information related to it. It also displays a count of the comments a post has and a link to the comments themselves. All the rest of the information displayed on a typical blog page the blog title, links in a sidebar, archive links, and so on is peripheral to The Loop. Most of this other information is displayed by calls to template tags.
// check if the logical call context contains "priority" if (lcc != null && lcc.GetData("priority") != null) { // fetch the priority from the call context ThreadPriority priority = (ThreadPriority) lcc.GetData("priority"); Console.WriteLine(" -> Pre-execution priority change {0} to {1}", oldprio.ToString(),priority.ToString()); // set the priority Thread.CurrentThread.Priority = priority; }
Specifying Wallpaper Colors
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