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after the definition of the Order class but inside the OrderProcess namespace. The complete implementation of Order.cs is shown in Listing 6-1. //--------------------------------------------// Define the exception to be thrown if an item // is out of stock //--------------------------------------------public class OutOfStockException : Exception { public OutOfStockException() : base() { } public OutOfStockException(string message) : base(message) { } } Now press F6 to build the application. Listing 6-1. Complete Order.cs file using System; using System.Collections.Generic; namespace OrderProcess { public class OrderItem { public int OrderItemID { get; set; } public int Quantity { get; set; } public string ItemCode { get; set; } public string Description { get; set; } } public class Order { public Order() { Items = new List<OrderItem>(); }
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Deploying the Service to Windows Azure
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Although the chapter was only intended to be an introduction to how the optimizer assesses the cost of using a simple B-tree index, we have covered a lot of ground. Key points to remember though are as follows: The typical cost of using a B-tree index comprises three components the depth of the index, based on the blevel; the number of index leaf blocks that will be visited, based on leaf_blocks; and the number of visits to table blocks, based on the clustering_factor. The clustering_factor of an index is a primary indicator of how desirable the index appears to be to the optimizer. The drawback is that you need to compare the clustering_factor to the number of rows and blocks in the table the number by itself is effectively meaningless. If you have columns in an index that are often omitted from the where clause or have range-based tests applied to them, then they should generally be pushed towards to the end of the index definition; otherwise your query could end up doing a lot of work with index leaf blocks. The optimizer s cost calculation will reflect this, and may result in the index being ignored in favor of alternative paths. System statistics should be enabled as part of your migration to 9i (or 10g), and you need to be aware of the impact this will have on execution plans.
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If you don t want to mess with the hosting and installation aspects of Drupal, Bryght (http:// www.bryght.com/) is a company that offers turnkey managed Drupal hosting. You sign up for this service and get access to a completely installed Drupal site. The service takes responsibility for upgrades, compatibility of modules, security issues, and stability of the servers, leaving you with the task of creating your online community using Drupal. You can even use your account as a reseller platform, selling further Drupal installations to your clients.
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Microsoft Access XML Oracle It is good to know that even though the data sources are different, the report development process stays the same; you ll only need to tweak the C# code according to the type of data source you are using. Once the dataset is ready with data, every other step to develop reports stays the same. Before we start developing our reporting projects, I d like to encourage you to learn the techniques from this chapter and then try them with your favorite data source. So, if you have a question like, Can I report on data from a MySQL database Then my answer to you is, Yes. Please check the following link for instructions to access MySQL with ADO.NET: http://dev.mysql.com/tech-resources/articles/dotnet/index.html#ADO.NET
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Configuring the Firewall
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From what you have learned up until now, it is clear that WCF uses XML for configuring various pieces of services. However, there is more to the story. Internally WCF services heavily rely on XML. When a WCF service call is made by a client application, the call is converted into a message, which is represented by a class called Message. Internally, the client request is stored in a special XML format called InfoSet. When the client call is sent to the service, it is serialized in a format decided by the binding. For example, if the client is a non-WCF client, the message is encoded in XML format, whereas if the client is a WCF client, it is represented in an optimized binary format. When the message reaches the service, it is deserialized back into an InfoSet. A Message object is created and then handed over to the service along with the InfoSet. The service then executes the method call and returns the data in a similar fashion.
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Figure 6 34. The Verbs tab in Request Restrictions of IIS 7.0
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While much attention is placed on files and folders on a many servers, an integral part of rebuilding a server from scratch is not just having a back up of data, it s also having a back up of the accounts and permissions references that go along with that data. Manually backing up Open Directory is a straightforward process. Simply click on the Archive tab of the Open Directory service in Server Admin. From there, you can choose a directory to save the OD archive to. After you ve chosen a destination path, the Archive button will become enabled. Click on this button to specify a name and a password for the OD archive. Be sure not to place any whacks (/) in the name of the Archive, or the process will silently fail, leaving you with a false sense of security. As always with any backup routine, an occasional spot-check is necessary to be absolutely certain that you have clean data. In this case, you can simply mount the produced diskimage file by double-clicking on it, and verify that data has been written to it. The OD Archive process is decently broad. It archives both Network and Local directory services databases, launchd.plist files for relevant services, as well as numerous configuration files and preferences. One limitation of the Server Admin archive process is that it is a manual process, which can often be a detriment to the consistency of an important function. To back up Open
This completes our DataGrid with custom columns example. Naturally, in a real-world application, you would be getting the data for these hands from an external data source, such as a web service or an XML file. We will be looking at that in 6. Now, let s take a look at the ListBox control.
Taking a chunk of code and translating it to a new platform can be an overwhelming, frustrating process. Instead, follow good object-oriented design techniques. Divide your application into components. Where possible, cleanly separate concerns through strategies like the Model-View-Controller paradigm. Diagram your app s structure, and ensure it makes sense. You will then be able to translate individual components, a far simpler task. You should be able to test each individual component prior to finishing the entire app. For example, if your app contains networking operations, pull those operations into a separate networking component and write unit tests to verify that you receive the same data on each platform. Some components, like those that contain pure business logic, should be fairly straightforward to port; you will just need to translate them into a new programming language. On the other hand, components that contain a lot of platform-specific functionality such as user interface or persistent storage will require more substantial changes. Be prepared to spend extra time making these changes and testing to ensure they work.
Figure 5-21. Columns selection
Then you use the HTTPService to load the XML and once you receive the result you can retrieve elements.
Creating the XSD Schema in Visual Studio Designer
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