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Figure 1-2. New Windows Forms application in Visual Studio 2005
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In this chapter you furthered your understanding of relational databases, particularly how data in tables represents relationships between tables. Among the things we covered were: How to create and drop tables The different types of relationships between tables What primary keys and foreign keys are What entity and referential integrity mean and how they are defined and enforced What normalization and denormalization mean In the next chapter we ll revisit SQL queries and experiment with more advanced query facilities, including how to combine data from multiple tables.
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This wrapper is created in the client s context and provides an event that can be used to call back the real client. The server in turn receives a delegate to the BroadcastEventWrapper s LocallyHandleMessageArrived() method. This method activates the BroadcastEventWrapper s MessageArrivedLocally event, which will be handled by the client. You can see the sequence in Figure 7-13.
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// Draw the vertical lines in the plotBox let px = plotBox.Width / (verticalLines + 1) for i = 1 to verticalLines do g.DrawLine(gridPen, i*px, 0, i*px, plotBox.Height) // Draw the 'begin' marker that shows where data begins if (initView - startTime <= 0L) then let off = float32(Math.Abs(x.StartTime - initView)) let sx = int((off/timePerUnit) * pixelsPerUnit) g.DrawLine(beginPen, sx, 0, sx, plotBox.Height) // Draw the 'zero' horizontal line if it's visible if (hi <> lo && lo < 0.0f) then let sy = int((float32(plotBox.Height)/(hi - lo))*(0.0f - lo)) g.DrawLine(axisPen, 0, sy, plotBox.Width, sy) // Draw the visible data samples let rec drawSamples i pos = if (i < (float32(plotBox.Width) / pixelsPerUnit) && pos <= (initView + int64 visibleSamples - int64 timePerUnit)) then if (pos >= 0L) then
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Calling Remote Methods and Serializing Objects
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If you know that users without ARD (such as Windows workstations or those using Chicken of the VNC) will need to control the machine with a different VNC client, click the VNC viewers may control screen with password box. Otherwise, leave it unchecked, because allowing any VNC access increases the susceptibility of a system. To control your computer, VNC clients on the local network can connect to it via IP address or Bonjour. As a Bonjour-enabled service, Screen Sharing is also available via Wide-Area Bonjour, courtesy of .Mac.
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You are now familiar with how to secure data in transit from a remote service to the Windows Phone 7 device. You have seen how to use SSL with both trusted third-party certificates from established certification authorities and self-signed certificates. In the next section, you will take a look at securely storing data on your Windows Phone 7 device by encrypting it.
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As you can see, there are a myriad of new items you can add to your project here. You ll be using many of these throughout this book.
CHAPTER 8: Automating Administrative Tasks
You will be adding a custom event to dragDrop(e:DragEvent) at qs.controls.DragTile after dispatchEvent(newEvent("change")); so you can display the image that was dragged in a larger format.
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