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open System let i = 2 Console.WriteLine("Input a number:") let v = Int32.Parse(Console.ReadLine()) Console.WriteLine(i * v)
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s Note The information_schema.tables view (a named query) is compatible with the SQL standard
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Header schema
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In order for you to be able to run many web sites off of one Drupal installation, your server needs to be told to direct requests from multiple domains to the same place. With such a configuration, the following domains would all get sent to the same document root directory and would thus all be handled by the same index.php file: www.yoursite.com www.secondsite.com subdomain.yoursite.com Once this is the case, you can then configure Drupal to use the domain to determine which configuration file to load, and thus which web site to display. The Apache web server refers to this type of configuration as virtual hosting, or vhosts. You can configure your Apache server to direct multiple domains to the same document root. The following snippet from an Apache httpd.conf file is representative of the goal at hand: # Substitute your IP address NameVirtualHost <VirtualHost> DocumentRoot /absolute/path/to/drupal ServerName yoursite.com </VirtualHost>
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Figure 11-39. Changing the data type of a value, using the non-ANSI standard
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Using Servlets and JavaServer Pages with Portlets
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Figure 7-15. The Calculate Discount activity
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The Menu control consists of one or more MenuItems that are organized into different levels within the hierarchy.
As stated earlier, codec installation for new file formats is automated, just as with audio codecs. In fact, if you followed the instructions to install the MP3 codecs in the previous chapter, including the GStreamer ffmpeg video plugin codec, then your system may already have support for the movie formats. In that case, the video file you ve chosen to view will just start playing you won t be prompted to download anything extra. Here is the procedure for adding codecs to play a multimedia file:
The internal storage of a Mac OS X Server is often not where you ll want to store the database of the mail service. Instead, if you have spacious and fast external storage, you will often use that (obviously, number of users and intensity of use would define the storage requirements). If you want to move the mail database, click on the Advanced tab of the Mail Settings and then on the Data Store subtab, where you will see the location of the default mail store, as shown in Figure 5-40. The default store can stay here, or it can move to external storage by using the Choose button to select an alternate location. The key point, however, is that you can create multiple mail stores at multiple locations, allowing you to use different storage for different tiers of users depending on speed, department, or other requirements you put in place to determine whose mail goes where.
Step 3: Writing the C# Code
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