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location.setDirty(false); super.close(); } public void makeMenu(Menu menu, int instance) { if (instance == Menu.INSTANCE_DEFAULT) { String property = System.getProperty("supports.audio.capture"); if (property != null && property.equals("true")) { menu.add(audioItem); } property = System.getProperty("video.snapshot.encodings"); if (property != null && property.length() > 0) { menu.add(pictureItem); } property = System.getProperty("supports.video.capture"); if (property != null && property.equals("true")) { menu.add(videoItem); } menu.add(launchVideoItem); } super.makeMenu(menu, instance); } private void launchRecorder(int type) { String directory = location.getText(); RecordingScreen screen = new RecordingScreen(type, directory); UiApplication.getUiApplication().pushScreen(screen); } private void launchPlayer() { String url = location.getText(); PlayingScreen screen = new PlayingScreen(url, "Playing " + url); UiApplication.getUiApplication().pushScreen(screen); } public boolean onSavePrompt() { return true; } }
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document containing its response to you (this style of web service is more formally called an XML web service). Another interesting facet of modern XML web services is that the service describes itself also using XML. Based on this description, you can craft your requests and understand the responses you receive. Nowhere in this picture are you bound to a particular web presentation technology; therefore, when using web services, you can (in theory at least) present your data to clients that use a different technology base (such as Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition [J2EE]), or conversely, consume data that is available on a different technology base. In this chapter, you ll look at web services with ASP.NET. You ll look into how to create and consume them, and you ll explore interoperability technologies that will ensure that your applications can be consumed by others.
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Microsoft Office HTML Compatibility Language Settings Languages
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Click OK to save the settings entered in the Transport Properties dialog box, and configure the remaining properties on the SOAP send adapter:
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4. Execute the code. As you see in Figure 13-1, the results should show that the balance has dropped by $200 as expected. You could also double-check that the transaction exists in the TransactionDetails. Transactions table.
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Hessian and Burlap
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There are a number of ways that you can test authentication in OS X, and the exact process will vary based upon the version of the OS that you are running. Naturally, you can verify authentication for a user by attempting to login to a bound Mac OS client. The main problem with this type of testing is that it is fairly inefficient; if you don t have a spare client to test with, a trip to the login window likely requires you to logout. On top of this, home directory problems can prevent a successful login, so it is not always an accurate test. If the target user has a default shell assigned, you can test authentication using the su command in any version of OS X. Simply open up a new shell and type su testuser. You will be prompted to enter the user s password. Provided that you entered in accurate credentials, you will be granted a shell under the new user. You can use the id tool to verify.
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Figure 19 8. Installing certificates via e-mail This key is called salt and is usually a random set of bits, such as an employee identification number, that is used to make the AES-encrypted message harder for intruders to decrypt. HMACSHA1 and HMACSHA256 algorithms both generate a unique message authentication code (MAC) from the data and password supplied. Both algorithms use the same approach to generating MAC: they take data and hash it with the secret key using standard hash function SHA1 and SHA256 correspondingly. The difference between HMACSHA1 and HMACSHA256 lies in the strength of the message generated: HMACSHA1 output is 160 bits long, while HMACSHA256 has output 256 bits in length. Finally, Rfc2898DeriveBytes is an algorithm that relies on the HMACSHA1 function to generate a strong key, using the password and salt values supplied, to be used to encrypt and decrypt data. In the following walkthrough, you will see how the Rfc2898DeriveBytes algorithm is used to generate a set of keys for the AES-based encryption.
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