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GNU Network Object Model Environment; a GUI-based desktop environment used by Ubuntu, as well as several other distributions. It uses the GTK+ libraries. See also KDE.
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Understanding Thread Hopping
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KENT SHARKEY is currently the content strategist for ASP.NET and Visual Studio content for MSDN. When not answering e-mail, he occasionally writes, codes, and sleeps. He lives in green, green Redmond with his wife, and two furry children, Squirrel and Cica.
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The strings in the XmlNamespace and XmlTypeNamespace attributes are URLEncoded variants of the standard version information. In plain text, they read as follows (omitting the base namespace): Server, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken= 84d24a897bf5808f Doesn t look that scary anymore In fact, this is the common .NET representation of a strong name as seen before. What you can see now is that this proxy assembly will reference a server-side object called Server.SomeCAO, which is located in the assembly server with the strong name shown previously. Whenever a client creates a remote instance of this CAO, the server will try to instantiate the exact version of this type. What the server does when the requested version is not available is to take the highest version of the specified assembly. When versions and are available in the GAC, and version is requested, the server will choose to instantiate the requested object even though the versions differ in the major version number.
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Debugging F# Programs
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CHAPTER 2: Services, Daemons, and Processes
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Take, for example, a jewelry designer who sells her products at weekend craft fairs. She probably takes cash or checks, but the cost of accepting credit cards seems out of her reach. Sitting in a tent, far away from an Internet connection or maybe even power, she simply can t afford the typical $1000 cost of a wireless Point of Sale (PoS) terminal. But pop a small credit card reader onto her iPhone and she has instant connectivity via the phone network to her merchant services account and the online database of her products. The instant connectivity to her merchant services account lets her know that she won t be dealing with bounced checks and that she will be getting paid. Point of Sale and small business applications provide an easy target for iPhone accessories, and the benefits are not only confined to small off-site businesses. Imagine a restaurant where your server can swipe and process your card right at your table. Your card never leaves your sight freeing you to no longer worry about someone making a copy of your card and leading to possible identity theft. See Table 1 1 for other potential applications. reading barcode 128
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In this case, a style has been defined and given the name ButtonStyle. Now all buttons can have their style property set to this style using markup extension syntax. Style is a static resource on the page, and as such you load the style for a button by pointing it at the named static resource using this syntax: {StaticResource ButtonStyle}. This wraps up a very brief introduction to XAML and how you use it to define a UI. In most cases, you ll be using tools to create your XAML visually, going back into the XML to do some fine-tweaking. As such, the next sections introduce you to the new Expression Blend product, which allows you to define UIs in XAML; Expression Design, which complements Blend and allows you to define graphical assets, expressed as XAML; and Visual Studio 2005 s Cider designer, which is part of the Orcas extensions for the IDE.
The DataGridTextColumn defines a column in your grid for plain text. This is the equivalent to BoundColumn in the ASP.NET DataGrid. The primary properties that can be set for a DataGridTextColumn are the Header, which defines the text that will be displayed in the columns header, and the DisplayMemberBinding property, which defines the property in the data source bound to the column. The following example defines a text column with the header Name and is bound to the data source s Name property.
When I started working on this book, I asked myself how I could make this book a guided tour for learning client-side reporting. Sure, I could ve just asked you to click here, drag this, and change that to create a report. However, my goal is to teach you not only how to create a report but how to develop practical, professional, real-world reports. After much thought, I came up with the following approach, and I hope that it will be comfortable for you: Challenge: Define the reporting project. Process: Apply the three steps required in developing a report. Practice: Enhance your understanding with exercises; solutions are provided (but no peeking).
To view the processes running on your Mac (along with other information related to those processes), go to Applications, select Utilities, and open the Activity Monitor application, as shown in Figure 2 1. Activity Monitor will show you a variety of resources in use on your system in real time. Activity Monitor has many uses. From disk activity to memory utilization, Activity Monitor provides a dashboard of sorts into what is going on in your computer. Our focus here, though, is specifically on which processes are running on the computer and learning a bit of information about each. By default, you ll only see what you re running under the account with which you re logged in. If you know the name of a given process, you can click in the Filter field and type the name of the process to constrain the view. You can also change which processes appear by going to the Show drop-down list box (see Figure 2 2). You can stop each of these processes, however, if you need to stop one that is owned by a user other than yourself. You ll need to provide an administrative password to do so. This is because each process is started by a user, and only has access to files and folders to which the user who started the process has access. When analyzing system processes, remember that processes should be run by the user with the least amount of privileges possible.
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