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Figure 8-1. Internet Properties window 2. From this dialog box, click on the Languages button located near the bottom. You can see in Figure 8-2 that our preferred language is set to English (United States), or en-us.
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Setting General Options
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And this reads the page into a buffer:
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package utils.events { import flash.events.Event; import mx.collections.ArrayCollection; public class RetrieveInformationEvent extends Event { public static const RETRIVE_INFORMATION:String = "RetrieveInformationEvent"; public var employeesCollection:ArrayCollection; public function RetrieveInformationEvent( employeesCollection:ArrayCollection ) { this.employeesCollection = employeesCollection; super(RETRIVE_INFORMATION, false, false); } } }
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The CustomTrackingQuery specifies the ActivityName, which indicates the activity that generated the CustomTrackingRecord and the Name property, which indicates the name given to the CustomTrackingRecord. You can specify an asterisk for either (or both) as the example, above does. When both are set to *, it indicates that all user events should be tracked.
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Adding Finishing Touches
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Many XML web feeds have elements and attributes that are associated by a namespace. In order to be able to use namespaces, you will need to open the namespaces so you can access and use the elements and attributes on your feeds. Many different namespace formats exist, and it would be difficult to cover all of them; however, once you master the principles, you will be able to handle any namespace that you come across. When working with XML files, we recommend installing an open source plug-in for Eclipse called XMLBuddy if it s not already installed. It allows you to work with XML easily and efficiently since it has built-in features such as the following:
Figure 8-1. Ubuntu s Device Manager program can display just about everything you need to
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