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between two parties. Digital signing for SMB, or SMB signing, allows you to protect against man-in-the-middle attacks by placing a digital signature in each packet. If the packet is then intercepted in transit, the digital signature will be altered, and the parties will drop the connection. However, digital signing only mitigates the threat of data being modified while in transit. A man in the middle attack that does not alter data can go undetected. SMB signing is one of the best ways to protect SMB traffic. Many corporate security policies require SMB signing for communications over SMB to their file servers, a default option for Windows domain controllers since Windows 2003. SMB authentication primarily occurs over LANMAN, NTLMv1, and NTLMv2. LANMAN used a weak (by modern standards) authentication protocol known as LM Hash. NTLMv1 was a great step forward and represented the introduction of a challengeresponse protocol. With NTLMv1, the server authenticates the client by sending a random number, known as the challenge. The client uses the challenge and a password, or ticket, known by both the client and the server. The client identity then is configured using the result of combining the two. The server verifies that the client has calculated the correct result and verifies the identity of the client. NTLMv2 is also a challengeresponse protocol, but with more steps involved to enhance the security of the challenge-response process. Of these, NTLMv2 is by far the most secure; however, it has been replaced in many situations by Kerberos. If Kerberos is available, then the DAVE client will always use it. The Policies screen of the DAVE Network preference pane (shown in Figure 13 17) allows you to set the minimum acceptable security level. The LAN Manager Authentication Level setting should be set to the highest possible, eliminating all other protocols from the options available to DAVE for authentication. If you are in an environment that supports NTLMv2, then you should be using NTLMv2 response only. Otherwise, the order of security for these options, from most secure to least secure, is as follows: Send NTLMv2 Response Only Send NTLM Response Only Send LM & NTLM Responses Send LM & NTLM
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By default the XmlSerializer class uses the names of the public members to assign to the output XML elements. For example, the FirstName property gets serialized as the <FirstName> element. This default behavior can be altered by using the [XmlElement] attribute. The [XmlElement] attribute has a property called ElementName that specifies the name of the resulting XML element. The [XmlElement] attribute is applied to the public member that will be serialized, and thus the FirstName, LastName, Notes, Type, and Address properties are decorated with the [XmlElement] attribute.
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Here we can see the principal does exist, and at the bottom, we can even see the three different encryption keys used by that principal. If this principal didn t yet exist, we could create it using kadmin s addprinc command. We specify the --randkey option to generate a random password for the principal:
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The following console application shows how to use a SqlDataReader to loop through a result set and retrieve rows. 1. In VBE, create a new Console Application project named DataLooper in a new solution named 07. 2. Replace the code in Module1.vb with the code in Listing 7-1.
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Figure 6 7. (x, y, z) = (0, 0, 1)
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' Set up first query Dim sql1 As String = _ "select " _ & " companyname, " _ & " contactname " _ & "from " _ & " customers " _ & "where " _ & "companyname like 'A%' " ' Set up second query Dim sql2 As String = _ "select " _ & " firstname, " _ & " lastname " _ & "from " _ & " employees" ' Combine queries Dim sql As String = sql1 & sql2 code128 generieren
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HttpClientChannel, in turn, invokes CreateSink() on the first sink provider (as shown in Figure 12-3). What the different sink providers do now corresponds to the following code (shown for a sample SomeClientChannelSinkProvider): public class SomeClientChannelSinkProvider: IClientChannelSinkProvider { private IClientChannelSinkProvider next = null; public IClientChannelSink CreateSink(IChannelSender channel, string url, object remoteChannelData) { IClientChannelSink nextSink = null;
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Try It Out: Using a Searched CASE Expression
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Creating a Dataset
Note The Parameter Type list populates with all the data types expected as input parameters to the selected
An index can be defined as either unique or nonunique. A unique index ensures that the values contained within the unique index columns will appear only once within the table, including a value of NULL. SQL Server automatically enforces the uniqueness of the columns contained within a unique index. If an attempt is made to insert a value that already exists in the table, an error will be generated and the attempt to insert or modify the data will fail. A nonunique index is perfectly valid. However, as there can be duplicated values, a nonunique index has more overhead than a unique index when retrieving data. SQL Server will need to check if there are multiple entries to return, compared with a unique index where SQL Server knows to stop searching after finding the first row. Unique indexes are commonly implemented to support constraints such as the primary key. Nonunique indexes are commonly implemented to support locating rows using a nonkey column.
are not independent, but Oracle s formulae for calculating combinations of predicates assume that the predicates are independent. As soon as you apply multiple predicates to a single table, you need to ask whether there is some dependency between the columns you are testing. If there is a dependency, the optimizer will produce incorrect selectivities, which means incorrect cardinalities, which could easily mean inappropriate execution plans.
Note You might be wondering why we didn t just advise you to install totem-xine back at the beginning
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