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n 12, you saw how to use data readers to access database data in a connected, forward-only, read-only fashion. Often, this is all you want to do, and a data reader suits your purposes perfectly. In this chapter, you ll look at a new object for accessing data, the dataset. Unlike data readers, which are objects of data provider specific classes that implement the System.Data. IDataReader interface, datasets are objects of the class System.Data.DataSet, a distinct ADO.NET component used by all data providers. Datasets are completely independent of and can be used either connected to or disconnected from data sources. Their fundamental purpose is to provide a relational view of data stored in an in-memory cache.
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You are now ready to run the solution. Select Debug Start Debugging or press F5 to run the application. When Internet Explorer opens the application, click on the View 1 link at the top. The application should appear as shown in Figure 8-12.
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Player s Tiles Lists: C B I Q X J A L M I E A S E T R N N O
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When it comes to sharing files, there s another option: save your files in a non-Office format such as PDF or HTML. is able to export documents in both formats, and most modern PCs equipped with Adobe Acrobat or a simple web browser will be able to read them. However, while can open and edit HTML files, it can export documents only as PDF files, so this format is best reserved for files not intended for further editing.
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w = WScript.CreateObject("Word.Application"); w.Visible = true; WScript.Echo("Press OK to close Word"); w.Quit();
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Finding a Specific Element in an Array
In Flex 3 and Flex 4, SDK supported only Halo skins, but in Flex 4 the default skins used are Spark. Spark is built on top of Halo. We want to give you an overview of the new Spark style support before diving into creating themes. Flex 4 SDK styles for the Spark skins are designed in a simple, predictable, and more consistent fashion. In fact, you can change the entire appearance of an application with a few global style properties. This is a contrast to styling in Halo, where you have many more knobs to adjust the appearance, and many of these knobs need to be set on individual components or type selectors. Take a look at an example. The code shown here sets the global inheriting style for the button component to the following (see Figure 6-1):
Figure 14-8. GUI design of the Windows Application form
A Windows (or SMB) printer is one that s directly connected to a computer, and then made available across the network via the network sharing function of the operating system. Effectively, the computer acts as the printer server. Often, in corporate environments, such printers are attached to server computers, but an individual may share the printer attached to a workstation. In a home situation, a Windows/SMB share is an excellent and inexpensive way of sharing a printer among many computers. The printer is attached to one PC, and, as long as that computer is switched on, the printer will be available to the other computers in the household. Assuming that the printer has been correctly set up to be shared on the host computer, connecting to a Windows/SMB printer share is easy. In fact, you may find that Ubuntu finds the printer in the background and sets it up automatically! If you find the printer is available when you choose to print from an application, try it out and see if it works. However, more likely, you ll need to add it manually. Follow these steps to set up a Windows/SMB shared printer:
Parameter Settings
According to the requirements defined earlier, let s set up the page. We need to make sure the report is letter sized and has a portrait page orientation. Right-click the open area inside the design surface, and select Properties; you may wish to put your name in the Author field and fill in the Description field.
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