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ApplicationDescriptor.setPowerOnBehavior ApplicationManager.lockSystem ApplicationManager.requestForeground ApplicationManager.requestForegroundForConsole ApplicationManager.setCurrentPowerOnBehavior ApplicationManager.unlockSystem Backlight.enable Backlight.setBrightness Backlight.setTimeout Device.requestPowerOff Device.requestStorageMode Display.setContrast Device.setDateTime EventLogger.clearLog EventLogger.setMinimumLevel Keypad.setMode Locale.setDefaultInputForSystem MIMETypeAssociations.registerMIMETypeMapping MIMETypeAssociations.registerType Radio.activateWAFs Radio.deactivateWAFs
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Figure 2-5. Adding a new tab
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SAINT s scan covers a staggering number of vulnerabilities, ranging from warnings about open shares or writable directories to more critical problems such as services with known buffer overflows. SAINT s comprehensive scan uses the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (http://cve.mitre.org/) database to provide detailed information and updates on each vulnerability. SAINT releases updates regularly to keep SAINT s scanning abilities up to speed. SAINT s reports are professional and comprehensive. SAINT supports six types of reports with varying detail, allowing for everything from a quick overview to detailed technical summaries. For more information on vulnerabilities, SAINT provides automated links to Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) bulletins. CVE is a standardized list of vulnerabilities that many different security vendors reference.
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The App Store
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{ textBox2.Text = iterator.Current.OuterXml; } } else { textBox2.Text = "No results"; } } catch (Exception ex) { MessageBox.Show(ex.Message); } } The code creates an instance of XPathDocument by passing the path of the Employees.xml file. Then an XPathNavigator is obtained by using the CreateNavigator() method of XPathDocument. The code then calls the Select() method of XPathNavigator, which accepts an XPath expression and returns an instance of XPathNodeIterator. The XPathNodeIterator class allows you to iterate through the returned nodes and has a number of properties and methods to assist you. To start with, the Count property tells you how many nodes were selected by the Select() method. After you are satisfied that there were some results, you can iterate through the selected nodes by using the MoveNext() method. On each node, you then use the Current property to give you a reference to the XPathNavigator that is positioned at the current node. You can then call any of the methods and properties of XPathNavigator. In our example, we simply display the OuterXml property of the underlying XPathNavigator in a text box. Though not used in our example, the CurrentPosition property of XPathNodeIterator returns the current index of the node being accessed. Now let s try some XPath expressions by using our application. Some XPath expressions relevant to our XML document (Employees.xml) are given in Table 4-6. Table 4-6. Examples of XPath Expressions
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delta = -106 (see below)
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2. In the Plugin Finder Service dialog box, click your choice of plug-in, and then click
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The dataset constructor is overloaded: Dim ds As DataSet=New DataSet Dim ds As DataSet=New DataSet("MyDataSet") If you use the parameterless constructor, the dataset name defaults to NewDataSet. If you need more than one dataset, it s good practice to use the other constructor and name it explicitly. However, you can always change the dataset name by setting its DataSetName property. You can populate a dataset in several ways, including the following: Using a data adapter Reading from an XML document In this chapter, we ll use data adapters. However, in the Using Datasets and XML section, you ll take a quick peek at the converse of the second method, and you ll write from a dataset to an XML document.
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On Windows Phone 7, the Rx.Net implementation is contained within two separate assemblies Microsoft.Phone.Reactive and System.Observable. 3. Add a Reference to Microsoft.Phone.Reactive and System.Observable assemblies, by right-clicking and selecting Add Reference.
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