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Integration QRCode in visual basic.net allows me to more easily refer to a certain object instance when describing the architecture.

.NET Type
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Managed Extensions for C++ and .NET Remoting Tutorial
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In the following section, you will learn to create database tables in NotepadDB, which is hosted directly in SQL Azure using the Microsoft SQL Server Management application.
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Deploying Your Web Site
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Creating a Web Site That Uses CardSpace
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1. Click the Tables icon in the Database pane of the main program window, right-click
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Page-Specific Visibility Settings
Final Cost
An Introduction to Spring
[TurboBinding(source="textInputOne.text", destination="textInputTwo.text", unwatchCounter=5)]
"$kickstart" -configure -clientopts -setdirlogins -dirlogins yes -restart -agent elif ( [ $ARDMajorVersion -eq 3 ] ) ; then logger -s -t "$scriptName" "Kickstart -configure -clientopts -setdirlogins dirlogins yes -setdirgroups -dirgroups $ardAdminLocalGroup,$ardInteractLocalGroup -restart -agent" "$kickstart" -configure -clientopts -setdirlogins -dirlogins yes -setdirgroups dirgroups $ardAdminLocalGroup,$ardInteractLocalGroup -restart -agent else logger -s -t "$scriptName" "ARD Version: $ARDVersion not supported!" exit 5 fi fi
To manipulate the contents of the GAC, you can use either Explorer to drag and drop your assemblies to %WINDOWS%\Assembly or GacUtil from the .NET Framework SDK. Here are the parameters you ll use most:
Single Sign-On Strategies
Exercise 4-1
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