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Because index leaf blocks contain forward and backward pointers, the standard range scan mechanism for using an index only has to descend through the branch levels once to find a starting block (whether the range scan is ascending or descending). The mechanics of a skip scan (which will appear in a later volume) require Oracle to go up and down the branch levels. Not only is the arithmetic different, but the strategy for pinning buffers changes too. Every block in the path from the root block to the current leaf seems to be pinned as the leaf is scanned after all, you don t want someone else to split your buffered copy of a branch block if you re going to go back up to it almost immediately.
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To change alphabetic characters within a string, ensuring that all characters are in lowercase, you can use the LOWER() function.
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G() { t = gcnew T("abc", 100); // Error: T may not have // a compatible constructor. t->F(); // Error: T may not have F. } }; Listing 11-7 will produce the compiler error: invalid_use_of_type_param.cpp(12) : error C3227: 'T' : cannot use 'gcnew' to allocate a generic type invalid_use_of_type_param.cpp(14) : error C2039: 'F' : is not a member of 'System::Object' c:\windows\microsoft.net\framework\v2.0.50727\mscorlib.dll : see declaration of 'System::Object' As you can see, the first complaint is that gcnew is not available on a generic type parameter; the second error occurs because the compiler is only willing to allow methods that are available on System::Object. There is a way to get around these restrictions. If you need to use specific features of a type, you must constrain the generic so that only types with those features are allowed to be used as type arguments. You ll see how to do that in the section Using Constraints. But first, let s look at a typical generic class implementing a simple collection.
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A Real-World Report in Action!
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Local Accounts
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To create the DTD, you can use the Visual Studio IDE: add a new text file, but name it Employees.dtd. Type in the entire markup shown in Listing 5-1, and save the file. Open Employees.xml in the Visual Studio IDE, and add a DOCTYPE declaration to it at the top, as shown in Listing 5-2. Listing 5-2. Attaching the DTD to an XML Document < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <!DOCTYPE employees SYSTEM "employees.dtd"> <employees> <employee employeeid="1"> <firstname>Nancy</firstname> ... As you can see, at the top of the XML file, we have put the <!DOCTYPE> declaration. The <!DOCTYPE> declaration is used to attach a DTD to an XML file. The <!DOCTYPE> declaration is immediately followed by <employees> the root element of the document. The SYSTEM declaration specifies the URL of the DTD file that is providing structure to this XML document. In our case, it is employees.dtd. You might be wondering why we created the DTD in Visual Studio. Apart from providing IntelliSense, it is not helping much, is it But wait a moment before you conclude anything, because it has something more to offer. Now, add a new XML file in your project, and add to it the <!DOCTYPE> declaration shown in Listing 5-2. When you start creating the document, you will observe that the IDE shows various elements and attributes in IntelliSense. Figure 5-1 shows how this IntelliSense looks. The IDE also validates your document as you type. It displays error messages if you enter markup or attributes that violate the DTD rules.
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Differences Between Native and Managed Arrays
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Accessing the Drupal Site
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var a = myDate.format("d");
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You will notice the two resp figures these show the cost of using parallel execution, but since the trace file came from a query where the degree of parallelism was one, this matches the serial cost.
You will see that Flash Builder offers only two choices for a data service, namely LifeCycle Data Services and ColdFusion Flash Remoting. At first, this often causes confusion among developers, when using BlazeDS. Choose LifeCycle Data Services as the option in the current dialog box when using BlazeDS. In the next dialog box, you will have an opportunity to point to either the BlazeDS WAR or the BlazeDS directories, deployed on your application server. In the very first screen, a choice is offered to create a combined Java/Flex project using WTP. WTP, which stands for Web Tools Platform, is the set of tools available within Eclipse to create Java web applications. The WTP project is hosted at http://www.eclipse.org/webtools/. You can go to the project page to get more information on WTP. The data services software available for the Flex framework consists of web applications that run in a web container. Any custom logic you write with the data services either will be part of a web application or will be accessed from a web application. Therefore, if you are starting from scratch, choosing to create a joint project is often useful. If your Java-side application already exists, as in the case of integration with existing systems, do not choose this option. Depending on the choice at this stage, the next screen varies. If you choose the option to create the combined project, the screen lets you define the following:
Once you ve configured the service and have it running, you should be able to boot your client computers from it by pressing the N modifier key at boot, which instructs a client to attempt a network-based boot.
This is the name of the <div> element that contains the Silverlight component within the HTML. In order for your Silverlight application to work correctly, this property must be set, and it must be set to the correct value.
Appoint members that visit regularly: Your moderators should be around your community on a regular basis so that their assigned forums are properly maintained. I ll leave it to you to define regular basis. Limit moderators to one or two forums at first: It s tempting to create supermoderator positions moderators who control every forum and give every moderator free reign. However, especially in the formative stages of your community when you may or may not know your staff members well, you will want to keep moderators limited to one or two forums. They will not be able to use their powers outside those forums, and that s an important step in securing your forums. Keep supermoderators to a minimum: If you wish to create supermoderator positions, with power over all forums, appoint just enough (one or two is usually plenty, but that can vary depending on traffic) to provide backup to existing moderators. Ideally, you should appoint supermoderators only when your board s traffic increases to the point where you need a couple people to back up the moderators. Use extreme caution when appointing additional administrators: As your board grows and the administrative tasks increase, you won t have a choice but to add another administrator or two. Appoint someone who you can trust and have worked with (preferably a moderator). Administrators should have enough technical savvy to operate the board s controls, know how to fix problems, and know how to avoid problems. Administrators should also know how to put on a good public face, as they will likely be contacted often by new members who may be unfamiliar with the phpBB software. (I consider prior experience with the board software a major plus in an administrator.)
[WebMethod] public Addresses GetAddress(string strZIP) { AddressDataSetTableAdapters.AddressTableAdapter da = new AddressDataSetTableAdapters.AddressTableAdapter(); AddressDataSet.AddressDataTable dt = da.GetData(strZIP); Addresses addrs = new Addresses(); foreach (AddressDataSet.AddressRow row in dt.Rows) { // Create a new Address object Address addr = new Address(); // Assign the new address information addr.AddressID = row.AddressID; addr.AddressLine1 = row.AddressLine1;
Handling Database Exceptions
Figure 9-14. Asynchronous web method calls In a traditional approach, you might have created threads manually and then executed each individual web method call on a separate thread. Fortunately, the web service proxy automatically provides the entire infrastructure needed to call web methods asynchronously. The proxy automatically creates methods of the form XXXXAsync(), where XXXX is the name of your web method. For example, if your web method name is HelloWorld(), there will be a method called HelloWorldAsync(). Calling this method invokes the web method in asynchronous fashion. After the web method has completed its processing, the proxy raises an event of the form XXXXComplete, where XXXX is the name of your web method. Taking the preceding example further, you will have the HelloWorldComplete event for your proxy. The automatically generated events are based on an automatically generated delegate. The delegate will be of the form XXXXEventHandler, where XXXX is the name of the event. You can use this event to trap the return value of the web method. To see how a web method can be called asynchronously, we will modify the example shown previously in Figure 9-12. The modified code is shown in Listing 9-19.
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