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1. You should still be in Query Editor. From the Query menu option, select Results To Results in Text, or press Ctrl+T. Figure 8-22 shows the other options available from the Results To menu.
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' Add parameters to the command for executing statements cmdnon.Parameters.Add("@fname", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 10) cmdnon.Parameters.Add("@lname", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 20)
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Take a look at the example in Figure 14-10. Here we created an AnalyticsProxyElement element. The proxy listens to events from wrapped MediaElement and can report the data back to the Omniture API. The AnalyticsProxyElement does this by wrapping an UnseekableProxyElement that prevents seeking of the wrapped MediaElement.
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HibernateDoclet: Generates the bean to database mapping files for the open source persistence layer Hibernate PortletDoclet: Creates the portlet.xml deployment descriptor for a portlet application To use any of these XDoclet tasks in an Ant build file, you will need to define the task in the build file with the <taskdef> element. We will use <taskdef> in our Ant build file to define the <portletdoclet> task. The <portletdoclet> task will use the xdoclet.modules.portlet.PortletDocletTask class from the XDoclet 1.2.x distribution. You will need to have downloaded and unzipped the XDoclet 1.2.x binary distribution somewhere on your file system so we can load the task. The portlet XDoclet task also requires the Java portlet API JAR file (portlet-api-1.0.jar) in the task s classpath. In our build file, we set up a classpath called xdoclet.portlet.classpath that references the JAR files in our XDoclet distribution and the portlet API JAR file. You will need to edit this classpath to point to these locations on your machine. The <portletdoclet> task takes several attributes, the most important of which is destdir. The destdir attribute specifies the directory where XDoclet will generate the portlet.xml file. By default, XDoclet will not overwrite existing files, but if you set the <portletdoclet> element s force attribute to true, the new portlet.xml will overwrite an old portlet.xml. The mergedir attribute is the location of any additional XML files that will be merged into the generated portlet.xml. The portlet XDoclet supports custom window states, custom portlet modes, user attributes, and security constraints in the portlet deployment descriptor, if they are included in the XDoclet merge directory as XML files. You will need to specify a set of Java source files for XDoclet to use to generate the portlet.xml. The <portletdoclet> task needs an Ant file set for the project s Java source code files. These can be anywhere, but in our Java build file, we used the regular source directory, with all Java classes. If your portlets are in one or two packages, or all of your portlet class names end in Portlet, you can use a more specific filter for the Ant file set include. Alternatively, you may also exclude certain classes from the file set if you have portlets with XDoclet markup that are not going to be deployed on the portal in this build. This could be useful in a scenario where you make different portlet application builds for production servers and development machines with the same Ant build file and source control repository. The only subtask for the <portletdoclet> task is the <portletxml> subtask. The <portletxml> subtask will generate the portlet.xml from the XDoclet tags in the Java source code. Behind the scenes, it is filling in an XDoclet template with the correct information. The XDoclet template for portlet.xml is called portlet_xml.xdt, and it is available in the XDoclet source distribution or in the XDoclet portlet module JAR file. You do not ever need to edit this template, but if you are curious about how XDoclet works, the template is easy to understand. The create-portlet-xml target is a dependency of our default Ant target, build-war, and it runs after compilation. That way, if our compilation fails, the build file does not generate a portlet.xml:
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For connection problems, using the debugger to locate the line of code where the error occurs usually doesn t help the problem almost always occurs on the call to the Open method. The question is, why You need to look at the error message. A typical error is as follows:
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Changing the Theme
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IDictionary<string, string> queryStrings = this.NavigationContext.QueryString; if (queryStrings.ContainsKey("token")) { MediaLibrary library = new MediaLibrary(); Picture picture = library.GetPictureFromToken(queryStrings["token"]); BitmapImage bitmap = new BitmapImage(); bitmap.SetSource(picture.GetImage()); WriteableBitmap picLibraryImage = new WriteableBitmap(bitmap); imgPhoto.Source = picLibraryImage; } } catch (Exception ex) { Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(() => txtStatus.Text = ex.Message); } } 4. Deploy the application to the phone. Then, from the phone s Start screen, select the Pictures hub, pick any picture collection, and select an individual picture of your choice. Click the ellipsis at the bottom of the screen, and select Extras. You should see the PhotoCapture application listed on the next screen that comes up. Clicking the PhotoCapture application should start the application and load the selected photo into the Image control exactly the expected behavior.
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Configuring a Tracking Participant
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To build the web application and deploy it to your web server, you will need to provide Maven with some specific configuration details by creating or modifying your settings.xml file. Listing 2-5 shows the entries to provide.
SORT resource Sort statistics Sort width: 58 Area size: 208896 Max Area size: Degree: 1 Blocks to Sort: 1 Row size: 40 Total Rows: Initial runs: 1 Merge passes: 0 IO Cost / pass: Total IO sort cost: 0 Total CPU sort cost: 5033608 Total Temp space used: 0 Merge join Cost: 826 Resp: 826 HA Join Outer table: resc: 193 cdn: 110 rcz: 42 deg: 1 resp: 193 Inner table: PARENT Alias: P resc: 631 cdn: 110 rcz: 27 deg: 1 resp: 631 using join:8 distribution:2 #groups:1 Hash join one ptn Resc: 1 Deg: 1 hash_area: 124 (max=2560) buildfrag: 1 probefrag: 1 ppasses: 1 Hash join Resc: 824 Resp: 824 ***********************
Figure 10-14. iPhone Configuration Utility: Configuring Passcode Settings
This will create an archive and also show a complete directory listing as the files and folders are added, including permissions.
For more on custom portlet modes, see 4.
Using Portlet Preferences
Try It Out: Using FOR XML RAW (Element Centric)
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