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networksetup -setdnsservers WiredNetwork
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Report title Company title Print date Data source Columns to report Page size Page orientation Page number Layout design Document map
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Now you will define the workflow used by the LeadResponse application. From the Solution Explorer, right-click the LeadResponse project and choose Add Class. For the Name, enter AssignmentWF.cs. The implementation of this workflow is shown in Listing 16-7. Listing 16-7. Implementation of AssignmentWF.cs using using using using using using System; System.Activities; System.Activities.Statements; System.IO; System.ServiceModel.Activities; System.ServiceModel;
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Caution I was recently sent a 10053 trace file from 10.2 that suggested that the optimizer does not peek at the bind variable for prepared statements coming through the JDBC thin driver. MetaLink note 273635.1 also makes reference to this issue, but only with regard to the 8i version of the driver.
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The particularly nice thing about the 10104 trace file is that the detail supplied is extremely informative, and can give you a very good idea of how big your hash_area_size should be to get from a multipass to a onepass join, or from a onepass to an optimal join. We have already seen various bits of the 10104 trace, but here are four of the lines that appear very early on in the 9i trace file (similar content with a slightly different presentation appears in the 8i and 10g files): Original memory: 131072 Memory after all overhead: 129554 Memory for slots: 122880 ... Estimated build size (KB): 2050 The Memory for slots tells you how much memory is available at maximum for creating the in-memory hash table. The estimated build size tells you how much memory the optimizer thinks you need for slots. In this case, if you want to do an optimal hash, it looks like you are going to have to increase your hash_area_size from 128KB (of which about 120KB is available) to something a little over 2MB. If we know we don t have enough memory to allow a hash_area_size large enough for the optimal join, then we may be able to allocate enough for the onepass join and as we saw previously, we need only check the section of the trace file that describes how Oracle is reacquiring data from disk: Getting a pair of flushed partions. BUILD PARTION: nrows:256 size=(33 slots, 264K) PROBE PARTION: nrows:260 size=(34 slots, 272K) *** HASH JOIN BUILD HASH TABLE (PHASE 2) *** Number of blocks that may be used to build the hash hable 10 Number of rows left to be iterated over (start of function): 256 Number of rows iterated over this function call: 78 Number of rows left to be iterated over (end of function): 178 The number of times we see (end of function) before the number of rows left gets down to zero is a good indicator of the scale factor we will have to use to multiple up the hash_area_size to get from the multiplass to the onepass join. (This sequence happens once per pair of dumped partition so make sure you check for the worst case.) You may find another important clue about the general performance of a hash join in a section of the trace file that gives a partition-level summary of how successfully the rows have been distributed:
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select sortcode from t1 order by sortcode ; Apart from the trace options that I have listed in the preceding code fragment, my sample program also captures statistics relating to file I/O, session activity, and session waits for the duration of the query, and some of the statistics about table t1. With all these collections going on, we can start cross-referencing various pieces of information to produce some interesting observations. After using the dbms_stats.gather_table_stats procedure, I can check view user_tables to confirm that the table fills 2,753 blocks, and holds 1,048,576 rows with an avg_row_len of 14 bytes, and that the avg_col_len for column sortcode is 7 bytes (the v2, v3 columns are there simply to avoid the possibility of some funny boundary conditions appearing). These 7 bytes include the 1 byte that holds the column length itself, so we can work out that the total volume of data sorted must be 6MB, and that my memory allocation of 1MB is not going to be sufficient for an in-memory (optimal) sort. Sure enough, here are some corroborative statistics extracted from reports based on v$mystat and v$tempstat, respectively, when running the test case against (scripts snap_myst.sql and snap_ts.sql will create packages to acquire and format this data):
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Multipart messages allow for the grouping of multiple parts into a single message. In our solution, we group an order header document and an order line item document into a single order message. All messages within BizTalk Server are multipart messages, although most of them just have a single part (the message body) and, therefore, are not created as a multipart message within orchestrations. Messages with a single part are treated slightly differently by BizTalk Server, as the single part is not displayed when referring to the message and the message is referred to directly. The concept of messages having multiple parts is easier to grasp after creating a multipart message type within an orchestration, where you must explicitly create the different parts of a message. Each message part has a number of properties associated with it, as listed in Table 5 2. Table 5 2. Message Part Properties
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This uses the -z command option to pass the output to gzip. This time, the filename shows it s a gzip compressed archive, so you can correctly identify it in the future.
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Note If you have not already loaded the value cross-reference data, see Recipe 3 9 for more information.
You are fed up with the mapper and can t stand using functoids. You have a complex map that you feel like getting done programmatically, and you want to shell out to real XSLT.
Figure 4-4. Creating the SqlServerProvider project in the 04 solution
Partitioning the disk is one of the most important steps during installation, although, unfortunately, it s one that can be couched in difficult terminology. Ubuntu does its best to make partitioning easy. The Ubuntu installation routine offers four options for disk partitioning: Resize the existing partition on the hard disk and install Ubuntu alongside it in the newly created free space. Use the entire disk, whether it already has some contents or not (that is, if the computer or hard disk is new or if you want to overwrite your Windows installation).
Figure 2-18. Setting the font properties of the textbox item
ne of the hottest topics today with regard to technology, and more specifically the Internet, is security. It is a fact that there is a continual threat to networks and web applications because undoubtedly someone is trying to compromise this content. These kinds of threats may come in the form of a hacker scanning for open ports on a server or exploiting a security flaw in an operating system. Given this fact, you must prepare and take the necessary precautions to safeguard your websites and projects. You can equate this concept or line of thinking to locking the doors to your home or perhaps enabling an advanced security system. Websites and web applications need to have sensitive data locked down or the security system needs to be enabled. In this chapter, we discuss the following methodologies and techniques that are available within the .NET Framework to safeguard your applications: Authentication and authorization Memberships and roles Security web controls Having a firm understanding of how to apply these features greatly reduces any chances of unauthorized access to sensitive data in your web content.
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